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Just as they decide to separate, Linda (Anne Hathaway) and Paxton (Chiwetel Ejiofor) find life has other plans when they are stuck at home in a mandatory lockdown. Co-habitation is proving to be a challenge, but fueled by poetry and copious amounts of wine, it will bring them closer together in the most surprising way.
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Locked Down | Official Trailer | HBO Max

Just Saying
Just Saying Yıl önce
Me innocently thinking that this would be a drama about a couple facing a marriage crisis during the pandemic 👁️👄👁️
video ignoranti
video ignoranti 8 aylar önce
Lesbianism everywhere in this movie.
kate davenporty
kate davenporty Yıl önce
first mistake,but if you think this is bad check out songbird :\ shame coz the basic storyline of a diamond heist is a film i probably would go and see.Bloody hell,and this is why i like my old retro shows from the '70s! :p
barbiquearea Yıl önce
It went from Marriage Story to Oceans 8.
Ebros Yıl önce
SuJu_Mimi Yıl önce
right? lmfao
Justin Belmonte
Justin Belmonte Yıl önce
Came in thinking it was a rom-com, came out realizing it was a heist thriller.
kate davenporty
kate davenporty Yıl önce
a covid movie.
Zuko Halliwell
Zuko Halliwell Yıl önce
Technically, it was both.
Ryan macharika
Ryan macharika Yıl önce
@MARANAX I didn't say your comment wasn't clear. I'm just saying something is wrong with you
b o n k
b o n k Yıl önce
@MARANAX why do you hate poc so much 💀goddamn, someone's mad they don't have culture
Cristian Yıl önce
i was expecting some type of "marriage story", not a heist.. it looks great
Anonymous 3 aylar önce
Just watched it, it sure is one of my favourite movies and I recommend it 100%!
video ignoranti
video ignoranti 8 aylar önce
Lesbianism everywhere in this movie.
Tharanga Dhanandani Nandasena
Tharanga Dhanandani Nandasena Yıl önce
😂 same here. Yes it looks like fun!
wepage4 Yıl önce
Looks can be damn deceiving
Michael Kelley
Michael Kelley Yıl önce
@Frenchy French SILVER Your okay :)
Qwill Yıl önce
This looks like a lot of fun ! The trailer was really misleading from the start and became great at the end, really cool. I think it's nice to see movies use the pandemic as a backdrop for original stories and not only about the covid itself. It's now a huge part of our society and will change how we live for a long time, it's nice to see it being integrated and not ignored.
Jaiafrica Yıl önce
Id rather not all of them are cringy
Angela Adams
Angela Adams Yıl önce
@Qwill The New ABNORMAL Nothing about real life is normal right now but your media would like to normalize this bc unless the ppl fight this, this will be here indefinitely. Please Wake Up!
Qwill Yıl önce
@Max Barkdull normalizing what ? Real life ?
Drue Harvey
Drue Harvey Yıl önce
Qwill I completely agree! I rolled my eyes so hard when I read the teaser description because it just felt like “great, here comes the first wave of movies trying to be cute/clever with this” but I genuinely laughed when I saw the twist in the trailer! It looks like they’ve done a fantastic job!
MC XO 8 aylar önce
The movie was freakin’ great! They both give great performances and many lines are hilarious. Truly enjoyed it! Anne was stellar!
Samuel Yıl önce
This is Oscar worthy! Ann Hathaway deserves recognition for her spectacular performance, the improvisation, the brilliant character acting. Incredible
El Majmun
El Majmun Yıl önce
Andrey Yakovlev
Andrey Yakovlev Yıl önce
It was shot, probably, two months ago, now they already finished post-production and released the trailer. That was fast.
kate davenporty
kate davenporty Yıl önce
yeah i know,it's almost like this whole thing was so well planned long ago......
T BZ Yıl önce
@SFbenjaminK .. maybe watch the whole trailer. Not a drama.
Steven Brown
Steven Brown Yıl önce
I agree. It's like now they are rubbing our faces init and most likely giggling at our stupidity
Bruce Yıl önce
@julez140cam that sucks.
vazak11 Yıl önce
OK but this is exactly what I want out of a Covid era film, social commentary and heists, I love it!
Zuko Halliwell
Zuko Halliwell Yıl önce
I love the concept, I love the cast, and I cannot wait to see this movie!
xxx Yıl önce
That twist caught me by surprise and now I can't wait to watch it.
ROY Yıl önce
@InternetGoat ya
InternetGoat Yıl önce
@ROY Did you just go straight to the comment and not watch the trailer?
Jhon Shephard
Jhon Shephard Yıl önce
@HBO Max not paying for you guys until John Oliver is back. Already have Netflix and Hulu and Prime.
ROY Yıl önce
@Zuko Halliwell is it?
Zuko Halliwell
Zuko Halliwell Yıl önce
@Timmy That it’s a heist movie.
Evo161AOR 7 aylar önce
If this movie had been released before the pandemic, it would be a Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic movie... What a world :)
Lai Cooks
Lai Cooks Yıl önce
WHO NEEDS A MOVIE ABOUT LOCKDOWN wait is that a heist movie?!
Stanville Brown
Stanville Brown Yıl önce
@R-ODD just watch it and see! 😁
R-ODD Yıl önce
wait how is that not about lockdown?
Farhana Haque
Farhana Haque Yıl önce
haha! yeah I had the same reaction!
Joe Luciano
Joe Luciano Yıl önce
Uk makes the best heist films
Emmanuel Robert
Emmanuel Robert Yıl önce
"How many ass's have you got?" LOL the best line in the film and which summed up what we all thought when we saw those all of those empty shelves.
Hanne Overgard
Hanne Overgard 11 aylar önce
I've just finished watching this movie and it's great! 10/10
Sam Hidalgo
Sam Hidalgo Yıl önce
Not really into covid films while we are STILL fighting for it but i'm probably watch it for Anne Hathaway 💅
Scott Madej
Scott Madej Yıl önce
It’s weirder to films where everything is normal at this point tbh
Visionary Studios
Visionary Studios Yıl önce
I rarely hear Chiwetel use his British accent in most of his films.
Zuko Halliwell
Zuko Halliwell Yıl önce
Now that I think about it, in the majority of movies I've seen with Chiwetel, he's used his natural British accent.
Naga P
Naga P Yıl önce
@Murloc Murloc only in the movie Blade..
Your Landlady's Son
Your Landlady's Son Yıl önce
@Murloc Murloc u read unnecessary meaning into everything
WapEra Yıl önce
@Murloc Murloc there's a lot of black couples in films.
Darknight 1537
Darknight 1537 Yıl önce
@Murloc Murloc yes they do, you just don't want there movies. There was literally a black romance movie on Amazon right now. This isn't propaganda if interracial is normal.
Nordens Lejon
Nordens Lejon Yıl önce
We need more films like this to show that we’re not alone in our struggles. And to have a little fun during this hell.😉
gulleyjimson Yıl önce
It's amazing that Doug Liman can start this film a year after he finished 'Chaos Walking' and still have it come out before it.
Kyle Arking
Kyle Arking Yıl önce
I’m going to pretend this is a sequel to Ocean’s 8 and Anne is just recruiting Chiwetel into the crew.
daniiel 11 aylar önce
@Flamin' Witch how?
kate davenporty
kate davenporty Yıl önce
she is dead to me now :(
Flamin' Witch
Flamin' Witch Yıl önce
holy shit that was a horrible movie dude.
Cinnamon Yıl önce
Glad to receive this movie from Doug Liman. Such wonderful director. "Swingers" and "Go" are beautiful indie films.
Green Crib
Green Crib Yıl önce
Original content is what will keep streaming services alive. I’m looking forward to this Max original film!
Nightwing2090 Yıl önce
I love the idea,story and actors I'm in high anticipation Great for the times we are living in !!
Sanchay Agrawal
Sanchay Agrawal Yıl önce
It's always delightful to watch Anne Hathway on screen
Josh Loves Movies
Josh Loves Movies Yıl önce
This actually looks like a solid heist movie!
Josh Bryan
Josh Bryan Yıl önce
This looks pretty good, I will most definitely be watching.
C G Yıl önce
that was a twist I didn't see coming.....but hey I am down...Locked down ;)
Dj Genius
Dj Genius Yıl önce
@Gigi Duru you do know that interracial couples exist in real life...right?
Dj Genius
Dj Genius Yıl önce
not bad...not bad at all...
Mandlesizwe Zungu
Mandlesizwe Zungu Yıl önce
@tenerife sea lol
tenerife sea
tenerife sea Yıl önce
@HBO Max I pirated WW84 bc you won't launch hbo max in my country. watch me pirate this too.
Collided Yıl önce
While I think it's too early for COVID related films, since it's still happening, I'm curious to see where this film goes and if it'll be good or not. Also the talent behind it is like a thousand times more talented than someone like Michael Bay so at least I have a little more faith than with Songbird.
Qwill Yıl önce
The movie need to be sensible about this topic but I think it would be hypocritical to tip toe around it forever. The film looks fun, and as long as it doesn't minimize the issue or give wrong informations, I honestly think it's fine. I actually think that integrating the pandemic into the media we consume in more creative ways could help normalize the problem we all face and help dissipate some of the misinformation about it.
Rebecca Elliott
Rebecca Elliott Yıl önce
This actually looks like so much fun!!
Brian Jensen
Brian Jensen Yıl önce
Looks good! I’ll definitely watch!
N.W.A. Yıl önce
Great movie. Don't let the reviews fool you.
Duper Theater
Duper Theater Yıl önce
What you expect: documentary about time during lockdown Reality: crime heist around the lockdown situation
Rufaro Asuquo
Rufaro Asuquo Yıl önce
Can’t wait for this movie 🎥 and it looks awesome
David A. Cortez
David A. Cortez Yıl önce
This looks good. I’m even more impressed that started filming this 4 months ago, wrapped 3 months ago. That was fast. Looks like a great escapist film!
Emilio Alonso
Emilio Alonso Yıl önce
It has an interesting change of plot.
Joshua Yıl önce
I just watched this movie and it was great! The heist at the end was the best part
Александр Бурмин
Александр Бурмин Yıl önce
Thank you all for supporting the film and writing good reviews.
Ma. Yıl önce
Oh great a movie about the pandemic, who's coming out during our pandemic... The kind of story we need right now.
ThingInGround Yıl önce
Yeah.. its almost like we're being made fun of and its not being taken seriously....
Sima Santos
Sima Santos Yıl önce
Did u watch the full trailer??
Sofia Cohen
Sofia Cohen Yıl önce
they had us in the first half, not gonna lie
Tudor Miller
Tudor Miller Yıl önce
I wish I was in Lockdown with Anne Hathaway. Watching from London.
pab3 official
pab3 official Yıl önce
I jxt watched this its an incredible movie the acting was so good and natural
Hazhra Kussaiyn
Hazhra Kussaiyn Yıl önce
Can't wait for that!!:)
Ashish Sunny
Ashish Sunny Yıl önce
Well, Never have I ever seen a plot twist like this in a trailer. Well played, count me in.
Leslie Barrueta
Leslie Barrueta Yıl önce
Can't wait for this!
Asahi Azumane
Asahi Azumane Yıl önce
That took a turn real fast. I was rolling my eyes in the beginning like I have seen this before, another lockdown drama😂😂😂
Alex Hardie
Alex Hardie Yıl önce
I’m actually looking forward to this
Daniel Whyatt
Daniel Whyatt Yıl önce
We need this movie. We’ve had it coming. The only thing they’ll have to make sure of IS MAKE IT BELIEVABLE. Because we’ll know now.😆 Stealing a diamond!? Ok, already failed, but we can’t say we all have t thought about it.😂👌🏼
ViciousBane 56
ViciousBane 56 Yıl önce
Finally, I’ve been waiting for a trailer
Adarsh Jaiswal
Adarsh Jaiswal Yıl önce
Anne looks even more pretty after her pregnancy 😍
msmarya100 Yıl önce
Let's go lockdown movies! I was waiting for the moment when art would start to be dominated by plots set during COVID and so it begins...
Chris Allan
Chris Allan 9 aylar önce
Looks good - on my watch list.
Classical performances
Classical performances Yıl önce
I dread the period after Covid, where all books, movies and shows will be about this...
D M Yıl önce
Here's a theory: they got two people to write the screenplay and all they were given was the title "Locked Down." One wrote about two lovers' tragic-comedy tale of falling out during quarantine and the other wrote a heist movie. Producers thought, "Why not both? 🤷🏻‍♂️" and they ran with it, so here we are.
Flamin' Witch
Flamin' Witch Yıl önce
and it looks extremely out of touch with actual people suffering right now.
Rodmasterflash Yıl önce
I have to say, this looks rather interesting🤔 Gotta keep an eye on it.
Lana Yıl önce
The cast 😍
Candy B
Candy B Yıl önce
This movie gives me so many ocean's 8 vibes.I can't belive Anne Hathaway and Mindy Kaling are in this movie, and also Anne Hathaway riding a bike while wearing a leather jacket that reminds me of Lou Miller(Cate Blanchett) in Ocean's 8
Jasmine Crawford
Jasmine Crawford Yıl önce
The Edgar Allen Poe scene cracks me up! Lol
Blaze14ZX Yıl önce
Oh this is gonna be good. So much awesome talent.
Matt G
Matt G Yıl önce
Living in the UK I’d like to watch this..... but I can’t because HBO Max isn’t available in the UK.
Bebe Ade
Bebe Ade Yıl önce
Your the second person from the UK that has commented about a British based show and its not available in the UK. The other series is Behind Her Eyes
Lisa Liis
Lisa Liis Yıl önce
How strange .. I live in Sweden and we have the movie on HBO Nordic 🤷‍♀️
Shadow Banned
Shadow Banned Yıl önce
You posted here so just download it from the internet its widely available.
Marc Twinam-cauchi
Marc Twinam-cauchi Yıl önce
use the powers of the internet
Aidey P
Aidey P Yıl önce
Same here, but I believe HBO Max might be in Europe this year
SomethingWitty1987 Yıl önce
love these two, i'm game for this.
Debopam Das
Debopam Das Yıl önce
WOW that's what I call a twist in the story!
FAK___ Yıl önce
We'll probably get a series of coronamovies, this one looks good, I'll definitely watch it
Eretare Odjugo
Eretare Odjugo Yıl önce
I would watch this movie just for Ben Kingsley
João Bernardes JR
João Bernardes JR Yıl önce
TOP 8 Yıl önce
Best movie i have ever watched. 😘❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😀😀😀😀😀😀❤❤❤❤❤
Orange Tween Studio
Orange Tween Studio Yıl önce
So Covid got Gotham lockdown and Catwoman is still doing the same thing with the jewels...
MC XO 8 aylar önce
You got it!
Omegaslashbuster Yıl önce
Well Bruce didn’t want to go with her so...
Hugh Campered
Hugh Campered Yıl önce
@Fake Name 2 and for some reason Mandarin escape from prison?
Fake Name 2
Fake Name 2 Yıl önce
And she somehow got Mordo from Doctor Strange is helping
Naina Kalmati
Naina Kalmati Yıl önce
i may be a little confused but i love it!
Luan de Souza
Luan de Souza Yıl önce
loved it
The Inside Man
The Inside Man Yıl önce
Imma watch it just for Anne Hathaway
AB_Films Yıl önce
Damn I feel like this movie is about me lol I feel like Paxton right now during pandemic lol 😂
Craig Jauvtis
Craig Jauvtis Yıl önce
Looks interesting. Must have been written and shot quickly =)
Gunvir Singh
Gunvir Singh Yıl önce
We want that Snyder Cut trailer!!!!
Stuck in Paradise
Stuck in Paradise Yıl önce
dang i could have saved my relationship this year with just a diamond heist... why didnt i thinkof that
MediumRarePlease Yıl önce
Okay I have to admit I didn’t see that coming but it was a nice surprise. Can’t wait haha
The Dude With Videos
The Dude With Videos Yıl önce
*This looks interesting* ❤️
Lourena Yıl önce
And that's how trailers should be made.
Stalker 101
Stalker 101 Yıl önce
This trailer is the living embodiment of the "swerving bus" meme
Varnika Kaae
Varnika Kaae Yıl önce
"One of the greatest titles in the world is parent, and one of the biggest blessings in the world is to have parents to call mom and dad.."
Lev Luv
Lev Luv Yıl önce
Ummmm, ok.
Drue Harvey
Drue Harvey Yıl önce
I mean I agree, but what?
Przemysław Ornicz
Przemysław Ornicz Yıl önce
"You fired them well" LMAO
sethdonut Yıl önce
SPOILERS: They won't get away with the steal, but they will learn that the real diamond was the bedrock of trust in their relationship :)
sethdonut Yıl önce
@luisian that rules. maybe i'll check this move out after all :)
luisian Yıl önce
@sethdonut I didn’t watch the last 10 minutes of the movie for like a week because I thought this was legit....they DO get away with it I was relieved lol
Stella McClure
Stella McClure Yıl önce
@Rya Guy talk i think the best material on hbomax are the original shows, not the movies. they are also way better written than anything on netflix too. For example, lovecraft country, watchmen, the undoing, chernobyl, succession, etc.
Drue Harvey
Drue Harvey Yıl önce
@sethdonut the real diamonds were the friends we made along the way ✨🥰
sethdonut Yıl önce
@Wil B. tbh it was a guess
CJ32 pull2
CJ32 pull2 Yıl önce
She went from stealing jewelry to protecting 😂
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