Raised by Wolves | Official Trailer | HBO Max

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Mother was programmed to protect everyone after Earth had been destroyed. When the big bad wolf shows up, she is the one we must trust.
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After Earth is ravaged by a great religious war, two androids set out to raise human children on the mysterious virgin planet Kepler-22b, a treacherous task jeopardized by the arrival of a devout congregation of surviving humans.
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Raised by Wolves | Official Trailer | HBO Max

Ayush Sharma
Ayush Sharma Yıl önce
Travis Femmel is one of the most underrated actors of the industry But happy to see he's back in the game
Meme Saab
Meme Saab 10 gün önce
He is just in the thumbnail
s1nnocense 2 aylar önce
@Jared Morrison and vikings is one of the most successful series in a decade. he's likely b-list these days. rbw has a huge budget. that's pretty good after just one major success (i don't count the warcraft movie, that one was most successful in asian gamerculture.) i haven't watched his smaller movies, any outstanding acting to be seen?
s1nnocense 3 aylar önce
how exactly is he underrated?
xNAJAFx 4 aylar önce
@Alexander Angelus hes a cancer sign. Doesnt like publicity. Hes probably drained after a job and need to rest
Tango Nevada
Tango Nevada Yıl önce
He can curl his upper lip better than anyone else in the business.
syntaxed2 Yıl önce
True sci-fi with alot of depth - 10/10. I have very little to complain about, this series is so good I can barely believe it myself - Its very very hard to make good original scifi, just look at all the mediocre generic shit over the years...so this was a complete surprise, no actually it was like a karatekick to the balls, a shock to the system - Absolutely magnificent.
10 trash
Josiah Kato MD
Josiah Kato MD 10 aylar önce
You know what you’re talking about and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Quality analysis.
SneakyBarker 11 aylar önce
@Brother Seamus lol same
Sebastian Cole
Sebastian Cole Yıl önce
@wat appp ill add it to my list of things to download
wat appp
wat appp Yıl önce
@Sebastian Cole Watch Vikings its better.
Ryan Cole
Ryan Cole Yıl önce
If you haven't seen this yet and you love sci-fi, watch this! It has its slow moments (all shows do) but it's original and thought-provoking.
Ryan Cole
Ryan Cole 7 gün önce
@Yuzan it has a similar theme at times, but it's definitely original. Check it out! It's good!!
Yuzan 7 gün önce
I didn't watch it yet, but it doesn't seem original at all. It immediately reminded me of "I Am Mother", isn't it a rip off almost? I'm interested to watch it, but if it's gonna be with the same ideas in "I Am Mother" I'd rather skip it. Did you watch "I Am Mother"? is this different?
E J Yıl önce
I love this series. hope it won't get cancelled.
Yori Pro
Yori Pro Yıl önce
@Nando ‘ +1
Nando ‘
Nando ‘ Yıl önce
There’s gonna be a season 2 🥰love the show too
WN Yıl önce
please don't cancel this show HBO it's AMAZING!
Ciprian Golita
Ciprian Golita Yıl önce
Looks like an alien entity is playing with people minds, from destroying Earth and move them to the promise land. It's amazing! Travis is one hell of an actor, he plays himself. Ridley's films shaped my entire cinema taste since i saw Alien when i was 8 years old. Being together in this show, it is like a gift from God! Can't wait to see the action unfold!
vecelio rubicone
vecelio rubicone Yıl önce
This is hardcore sci-fi for the well trained brains! Not that nonsense Disney's thing. I Love it.
Igbo time Hopper • 64 years ago
Igbo time Hopper • 64 years ago 11 aylar önce
@TOASTY KID yes sir
Грустный Кот
Грустный Кот Yıl önce
For the well trained brains? Lol, the script of this show was written be the people who know nothing about anything exept maby how to make references to religion. To even call it science fiction is a mockery to all the great sci-fi authors of 20th century. There is no science there, only pseudomystical bullshit. Sci-fi is so dead now.
Queen Yıl önce
So definitely not for yours ;)
vecelio rubicone
vecelio rubicone Yıl önce
@Levi Carvalho good!
Summer Summer
Summer Summer Yıl önce
I'm so so so in love with this show it's absolutely amazing and best of 2020 so far 💜
Summer Summer
Summer Summer Yıl önce
@KG Thompson watch it u won't regret
KG Thompson
KG Thompson Yıl önce
I dont know 😕 im debating on watching it.
ilsattana Aylar önce
I really love this show, glad that has been renewed, the new season is cool.
Richenbaum Fotchenstein
Richenbaum Fotchenstein Yıl önce
Looks like another HBO winner. Glad to see Travis Fimmel again too.
E R Yıl önce
@akshay satish prob Sopranos from 200 years ago
Julio Valdez
Julio Valdez Yıl önce
whydoncha it isnt an hbo original production, thats the difference. Just because it is owned by the same company doesnt mean every show produced by wb tv has the hbo quality
Shpagnun1777 Yıl önce
@akshay satish game of thrones
Oh Dae Su
Oh Dae Su Yıl önce
He's in for 3 or 4 episodes
Osmosis Yıl önce
Watched the first 3 episodes. It's better than I expected! It really has massive potential
Jack Spjerdow
Jack Spjerdow Yıl önce
So far so good, first episode got me hooked, after 3 episodes its still good and promising, very excited for the rest of the season
Zanar Aesthetics
Zanar Aesthetics Yıl önce
For those wondering, Travis Fimmel performance here is so much Ragnar Lothbrok vibes 😄 And yes, he goes from normal to crazy drugged up Ragnar here too, just like in Vikings
Lu _
Lu _ Yıl önce
Thanks for the spoiler no one asked for.
Ⱥժąʍ Ꭰąѵìժ βօաժҽղ
Ⱥժąʍ Ꭰąѵìժ βօաժҽղ Yıl önce
It's like all my dark science fiction dreams melding together, the mysteries of the void like a visceral tapestry.
TheMasterblaster32 Yıl önce
I want dead space.
M G Yıl önce
@christopher troy mine too but The Expanse is a close second, I'd recommend it if you've not seen it.
christopher troy
christopher troy Yıl önce
Battlestar Galactica was my favorite
Krishmar Llorin
Krishmar Llorin Yıl önce
This series is a masterpiece!
A B Yıl önce
Great to see Travis Fimmel back in front of the camera, great actor.
obram17 Yıl önce
I’m freaking into it! Love it HBOmax! 👍
Heston Horacio
Heston Horacio Yıl önce
TV series are getting weirder everyday, I love it 😍
CrticalConnor Yıl önce
Looks like Ridley Scott finally has found an outlet for all of the weird shit he loves in Science Fiction. Can't wait.
MostlyPonies 9 aylar önce
@CrticalConnor If Prometheus and Covenant weren't part of the Alien franchise no one would give a shit about them. They're bad movies.
MostlyPonies 9 aylar önce
@Joanna The Terror would've been a much better series if we didn't know what the crew was seeing (or what we the audience were seeing) was real or not. But instead it's just another monster, and not an interesting or scary one either. And the real villain of the story is just ridiculously evil. Only a handful of characters are well written but it's too bad they're not in a well written story.
Daniel Hvii
Daniel Hvii Yıl önce
id rather he still kept making movies and better himself then stop for ever
Kristiyan Todorov
Kristiyan Todorov Yıl önce
@CrticalConnor yep, true story! Very well said.
Ajay Mendu
Ajay Mendu Yıl önce
Very good series. Worth the time if you are into si-fi and thrillers. Edge of the seat screenplay and writing. Visually very appealing.
Kiara Yıl önce
Glad Travis getting more shine, he’s def an amazing actor. 😩
Wow, , that's random
Wow, , that's random Yıl önce
Amazing show, absolutely love it
Erwin HypeMachine Smith
Erwin HypeMachine Smith Yıl önce
I love how this show portrays religious fanatics. Accurate and in their true form.
Brian-Marc Whittaker
Brian-Marc Whittaker 6 aylar önce
Vegito Sama
Vegito Sama Yıl önce
HBO MAX is going to nail it with these MAx originals. They are going all out. Also please consider the international release of HBO MAX, please.
PixelTrooper Yıl önce
@Shaar roambeans yeah, HBO is locked behind an expensive add-on package at one ISP where I live. That is a shit move on HBO's part, which IMO makes torrenting/streaming less of a bad thing.
Shaar roambeans
Shaar roambeans Yıl önce
@PixelTrooper well, that's the obvious solution to not providing the service in my area.
Mega MovieZ
Mega MovieZ Yıl önce
D Jacob Then have fun experiencing the lower quality
D Jacob
D Jacob Yıl önce
Gonna watch all these on free streaming sites, not paying
PixelTrooper Yıl önce
@Shaar roambeans torrenting/illegal streaming
DougStayFresh Yıl önce
First 3 episodes are amazing. Potential to be a huge cult following show....visuals are movie quality
Мария Кочева
Мария Кочева Yıl önce
Wonderful show! Can't wait for the next season.
Norma Rodriguez
Norma Rodriguez Yıl önce
Esta muy interesante, te deja con querer saber mas de lo que va a pasar, yo la estoy viendo en una pagina totalmente gratis y con subtitulos en español y me ha encantado, ya quiero ver el el capitulo 6. 👏👏👏👏👏 Super recomendada.
N.S Musical Vibes
N.S Musical Vibes Yıl önce
I love this series ❤️
Blactrick Yıl önce
I'm glad to see Travis Fimmel in another role after Vikings.
Ragnar Lothbrok
Ragnar Lothbrok Yıl önce
Who...WANTS..To be KING!!!!
Davyn Hainstock
Davyn Hainstock Yıl önce
And danger close an aussie nam war movie
RedEye Yıl önce
@seraph1690 That also was ages ago it feels like
Nobody Yıl önce
Ikr dude is so talented... He deserves to be in big stuff
Blactrick Yıl önce
@seraph1690 true wish that got a sequel
Bernardo Lesourdmuet
Bernardo Lesourdmuet Yıl önce
Amazing show, not enough science-fiction ????? here it is ... but we need more and more !!!! cant wait ..... cant wait....
Noel Billiara
Noel Billiara Yıl önce
GOOD JOB HBO this one of the best SCI FI series you made !!!! I love this show so so much !!!
Brian Yıl önce
Freaking amazing awesome show... I was glued to the TV for the first 3 episodes.. amazing
Shanilka vithanage
Shanilka vithanage 11 aylar önce
Masterpiece..everyone is recommended to watch this ❤️
Alastor Strix'Efuartus
Alastor Strix'Efuartus Yıl önce
During the whole show i felt like Mother is going to sing "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)" at anytime
БОРОДАЧ Grisha Yıl önce
I can't shake the feeling whenever I see Travis in the movie that he's just Ragnar that pretends to be Travis who plays some other character. Which is a good thing, because since vikings I've always been kinda ragnar junkie. Gotta get more of him
mohd shahid
mohd shahid Yıl önce
I just finished this series it was really fantastic
Barfett 2 aylar önce
This show is in a league of it's own!
DROOG Yıl önce
Glad to see Travis Fimmel on such an interesting project! He deserves it!
Severian Yıl önce
What a show! It is so good. Nothing is as it seems.
Habeeb rahman
Habeeb rahman Yıl önce
So pleasure to meet travis again ❤
Redneck Ninja
Redneck Ninja Yıl önce
Finally really wanted to see him in more series and movies dont kill him
fgrfish Yıl önce
I just finished the 7th episode and it's still a constant delight!
fgrfish Yıl önce
@Maidros Fëanoron Wow, that's great, thanks for the info!
Maidros Fëanoron
Maidros Fëanoron Yıl önce
@fgrfish they have story for 5 seasons, as I heard.
fgrfish Yıl önce
@Maidros Fëanoron Yes me too, I'm happy for season 2, but I sometimes fear it might not live up to my expectations and become disappointing.
Maidros Fëanoron
Maidros Fëanoron Yıl önce
@fgrfish agreed. The only thing that could ruin it at this point is for the entire mystery box to fall apart without paying off all the questions it raised. But the acting and the plot really keep my focus. I was happy when I heard Season 2 is a sure thing
fgrfish Yıl önce
@EastEnders 4K Two words: robots & religion. I won't tell you more because it would spoil your pleasure. The series is full of surprises and mysteries, and multi-layered with philosophical questions about life, humanity, spirituality, technology, artificial consciousness and many other things, but it can also be seen as pure entertainment, with action and emotions, and visually it is superb.
Official Filmilen
Official Filmilen Yıl önce
Travis Fimmel is in Raised by the Wolves. I need to see this on HBO Max.
Yoda Glemm
Yoda Glemm Yıl önce
@Donaji Malang didn't notice it before 😬 they should add his name on title too 😂
Donaji Malang
Donaji Malang Yıl önce
Lost Alien He is on the thumbnail.
Connor McCartney
Connor McCartney Yıl önce
@Yoda Glemm but he is on it...
Yoda Glemm
Yoda Glemm Yıl önce
Came here from his instagram. This would've much more views if they show Travis on thumbnail
Majin Buu
Majin Buu Yıl önce
Why are you advertising the show on its own trailer?
Dushantha Sadaruwan
Dushantha Sadaruwan Yıl önce
how the little piggies will grunt when they hear how the old boar Suffered
Bogów Syn
Bogów Syn Yıl önce
King Ragnar that's is my name. !!
LunarNodes Yıl önce
Stanneta Prospere
Stanneta Prospere Yıl önce
Supacomputer Revolution
Supacomputer Revolution 3 aylar önce
Love this series!!
D S Yıl önce
So I’m calling it, the AI made to keep the human race alive was probably made by one of the warring factions, but it’s an AI it can only operate in the confines of its design, so ultimately it’s over controlling maybe keeping human life from actually progressing. Travis and his people are probably survivors and they know the truth of what ever happened and we as the viewers see this story told from the inside out and Travis people see it from the outside in. Should be really good and R Scott it’ll be dope, anything lacking in R Scott writing will be made up for with Travis good acting and the lady playing the mother AI that was some sick looking designs and abilities. To scream someone to explode that’s dope haha.
Alan Pennie
Alan Pennie Yıl önce
Seems about right. As a premise it seems a bit meh, but we'll see.
Peter Yıl önce
Love this show!
JYPmina_ penguinprincess
JYPmina_ penguinprincess 9 aylar önce
Excited to see Travis on TV again. I miss him
Aaron Soto
Aaron Soto Yıl önce
This is going to scratch that itch I’ve been feeling! I desperately need another tv show to be obsessed with
Cindy Noelle
Cindy Noelle Yıl önce
Best trailer ever.. left me with goosebumps
Arya Stark
Arya Stark Yıl önce
Now I want episode 8 and 9
Aero Mundos
Aero Mundos Yıl önce
The best sci fi show since Battlestar Galactica and Babylon 5. (I don't include the amazing Westworld since it takes place entirely on earth).
Cmdr McShamus
Cmdr McShamus Yıl önce
Excellent series. I watched the first 3 episodes in one go.
Ge Rain
Ge Rain Yıl önce
After 5 episodes ..this show it's really interesting ...love it so much
Arslan Ansari
Arslan Ansari Yıl önce
“How the little piggies will grunt when they hear how the old boar suffered” -Ragnar
Vaibhav Rastogi
Vaibhav Rastogi Yıl önce
bhai ye kis time khata hai
carritohmc Yıl önce
At first I thought it seemed similar to Mother on Netflix (btw great movie), but it seems to really go all in the sci fi, can't wait.
games worldwide
games worldwide Yıl önce
This is going to be one of the best show
nhikoid Yıl önce
Magnificent!. This must surely be the next big thing since Game Of Thrones. Hmmm. No. Scratch that. This is a far superior drama in every way. Strangely, far more believeable. Mind blowing. Maybe it'll outdo Game of Thrones and go for 12+ seasons. The weird thing for me was that I watched the first 20mins and thought "..waste of 20mins.....nonsense". But I was intrigued and thought about it for a few days then went back to it. Then I got it!. Makes Star Trek look like a cheap pantomime!. Ridley Scott may himself be a super-android created by an exponentially evolved AI.
Tisito Saidi
Tisito Saidi Yıl önce
Is sad that Travis fimmel didn't receive any awards in vikings😧
Bangari Nani
Bangari Nani Yıl önce
@Salted Reaper qq
Buddha Mack
Buddha Mack Yıl önce
@You Tube Lol, okay bud. Funny, I've never seen the silver award handed out to the second place recipient for an acting award. I'll have to keep an eye out for the bronze winner also when they do the podium finish at the next Oscars award ceremony.
Susan McGuire
Susan McGuire Yıl önce
The fans of Travis Fimmel know how talented he is. Every person who has watched Vikings can see his acting abilities. He was fantastic!
Alex O
Alex O Yıl önce
awards doesn't mean shit
J Jean
J Jean Yıl önce
Been watching Vikings through lockdown and have been so impressed with Travis Fimmel, what a brilliant and captivating actor, looking forward to seeing him in this.
Jeremy Williams
Jeremy Williams 2 aylar önce
He made Vikings. He went from being an underwear model to a brilliant actor. He pulled off that character to a degree nobody will ever match. Im happy he has a new hit show, he deserves it and not to be typecast.
Michael Esombi
Michael Esombi Yıl önce
The way HBO be dominating even after Netflix
Ottow Hassan
Ottow Hassan Yıl önce
Please we need season 2, 3 , 4 and 5 etc ....
Twinkie Gurl
Twinkie Gurl Yıl önce
Awesome special effect! I totally am diggin’ this sci-fi fantasy show!! 👍❤️. Reminds me of “ Prometheus “ movie whole back.
Rafael Rocha
Rafael Rocha Yıl önce
Travis Fimmel is such a charismatic guy! Can't wait to watch it.
VampireMadonna Yıl önce
Looks good. Extra kudos for wrangling Travis. I haven't seen him in a while.
Aidan Ruwaard
Aidan Ruwaard Yıl önce
@J.C. L. take it easy on the LSD bro
J.C. L.
J.C. L. Yıl önce
@Aidan Ruwaard oh you are saying you tell yourself lies as your personal fantasy? Cool!
Aidan Ruwaard
Aidan Ruwaard Yıl önce
@J.C. L. lol na man you don't get to say how my mind decides to sponge in information. i watch what i like to watch and i don't let it change my personal beliefs and morals. if i were being indoctrinated then i would come out the other side of something i watched with a different belief and perspective for things... but no i don't so hush before you burst a brain cell
HipHop-TV.Blogspot Yıl önce
@meshowz no, the other movies I've seen him in he was a lot different. Also in Vikings his character changes as he gets older. So he's not stuck on one character if even that characters grows and becomes something else then at the start. You might not like him and that's fine. Saying he doesn't have other characters is saying Al Pacino or Robert De Niro don't have other characters.
HipHop-TV.Blogspot Yıl önce
@meshowz Nah, the way he portrayed Ragnar was impressive so it's not his acting. Warcraft was just a really bad movie.
DariusDruskininkai Yıl önce
WOOOW, looks great! Cant wait to watch it!
Gdonisblue Yıl önce
Ragnar needs to come back to Netflix!!! He needs his own series! He’s 🔥🔥🔥
Brain Mind
Brain Mind Yıl önce
Vikings was History channel, not Netflix.
Sheepdog Yıl önce
Looks insane!!! Must watch.
Kavorka Yıl önce
amazing series!
Local_Brain_Error // Synaptic_Misfire_Detected
Local_Brain_Error // Synaptic_Misfire_Detected Yıl önce
We all know HBO is number 1 in high quality production, but teaming up with Ridley Scott is genius. Can’t wait for the JJ abrams sci-fi series and last of us either. This looks great !
Kate_Kosmo Yıl önce
Can't wait to watch this! Also I hope there's a Doom Patrol season 3! HINT HINT!
Valhalla Yıl önce
I like it. More scifi please.
LeonVFX Yıl önce
alll 10 episodes in one day.best show ever,can wait for moreeeee
Aaron Taylor
Aaron Taylor Yıl önce
HBO: We need a new show that will not only disturb, intrigue, and shock viewers but will make them forget Game of Thrones season 8 even existed. Ridley Scott: Yes
shubhendu nayak
shubhendu nayak Yıl önce
Wayzor Yıl önce
You mean seasons 5-8.
Luke Skyjacker
Luke Skyjacker Yıl önce
Most people have forgot GOT season 8 existed
Spud Murphy
Spud Murphy Yıl önce
Wow so original
rogerm4a1 Yıl önce
This truly looks epic!
tphj Yıl önce
I feel bad for the kids, but I'm siding with my boy Travis in this show.
Maidros Fëanoron
Maidros Fëanoron Yıl önce
Oops. hahah
resting clown
resting clown Yıl önce
I love this woman❤️
JDAnalog Yıl önce
I knew Ragnar got Floki to build him a space ship. I just knew it! YIPPY!!
Michael Nkomphela
Michael Nkomphela Yıl önce
Carolyn Butler
Carolyn Butler Yıl önce
Amine Yassa
Amine Yassa Yıl önce
The cinematographer of this show is mindblowing ,can't wait.
More Messina
More Messina Yıl önce
@Paul McCloud thank you stranger!
Praetor7 Yıl önce
@qn I checked out Wolski's credits just to see what he has done. Some of my faves are on there. He's pretty good!
Paul McCloud
Paul McCloud Yıl önce
@qn Yeah I checked IMDB first as well. :) But I found an interview he did talking about it on google.
qn Yıl önce
@Paul McCloud I didn't know, he wasn't listed in credits on iMDB. Propably no one had knowledge and didn't update.
Nick Marcus-Robb
Nick Marcus-Robb Yıl önce
3 eps down and it's fucking phenomenal.
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