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Get a behind the scenes look at the making of Gotham City in The Batman. The producers and cast explain the amazing visual effects and technology that went on behind the camera. The Batman is now streaming on HBO via HBO Max.
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HBO Max 20 gün önce
Check out another clip from The Batman here:
marlei campos
marlei campos 11 gün önce
marlei campos
marlei campos 11 gün önce
A. Madison
A. Madison 17 gün önce
@King Robert If BvS had made a decent profit, they would have already made it but it didn't, so it's not happening. Affleck already made it clear he's never suiting up again. Move on and stop being toxic, KR.
Hezekiah Rodriguez
Hezekiah Rodriguez 18 gün önce
@Hải Tuấn Trần Minh I have looked it up before seeing the film, and just like the "Joker" movie, it is not.
Hải Tuấn Trần Minh
Hải Tuấn Trần Minh 19 gün önce
Is it a part of DCEU?
Hickmeister 20 gün önce
I had no idea they used The Volume for this film, massive shoutout to the whole crew for making such a cinematic experience. Technology is crazy these days
Soto RC
Soto RC 9 gün önce
@OrangeDrink74 what's your name?
OrangeDrink74 9 gün önce
Yes I watched the video. Also I worked on the movie, and on this sequence. There's a discussion of the VFX on a site called Befores and Afters. Search for "Anatomy of a batmobile chase".
Soto RC
Soto RC 10 gün önce
@OrangeDrink74 did you even watch the video? It's not real lol
OrangeDrink74 10 gün önce
@Soto RC hate to break it to you bro, but the car chase scene is mostly practical. Though every shot in it has CG added to it, and some are completely replaced with full CG shots. But yeah... most of it actually is real.
OrangeDrink74 10 gün önce
@AWS Vids Actually that shot of Colin Farrell driving away is shot on a disused runway in England called Dunsford. There is no Virtual Production/Stagecraft/LED screens for that, or in fact the vast majority of the car chase sequence. There's like 3 or 4 LED screen shots in the whole sequence, there are a bunch of in car shots that are bluescreen (you can actually see in the Maserati set there's blue screens in the background, not LED driving action. There's some full CG shots in it, the majority were shot practically on the runway at Dunsford and augmented (sometimes heavily) with CG replacements, rain, mist, etc Not sure why HBO Max are implying the car chase was done with Stagecraft. It just wasn't.
Shawn Khoo
Shawn Khoo 20 gün önce
They nailed the movie by using this technology for the backdrop. The scenery looks damn real.
Amuro Ray
Amuro Ray 11 gün önce
@Soto RC you keep crying on EVERY hbo video of The Batman. 😂
Stanley Ezen
Stanley Ezen 16 gün önce
Agreed had no idea
Tarang Nair
Tarang Nair 16 gün önce
@Soto RC Why not? He's been planning it since he was 16, and he's like 30 in the movie, so idk why it wouldn't be possible. Bale's suit is even more unrealistic for a year one batsuit. Pattinson's incarnation just had access to military tech to make his suit bulletproof
Soto RC
Soto RC 16 gün önce
@Tarang Nair wouldn't be possible for year 2.
Tarang Nair
Tarang Nair 16 gün önce
@Soto RC That's the point of making a realistic batman. A realistic batman would make a tactical suit to withstand bullet wounds
Tone Desh
Tone Desh 20 gün önce
Can’t wait for the sequel. The next chapter in this Batman’s journey should be very interesting…no matter which way they go with it.
Kelly Mulderino
Kelly Mulderino 16 gün önce
@reezwave they will in 5 yrs
reezwave 16 gün önce
Imagine if they reboot this again lol
somanytakennames 16 gün önce
@King Robert You really need to find a hobby beyond getting angry at people who disagree with you on TRpost buddy.
KING A.T. 17 gün önce
@King Robert ben affleck is good but his script and writtinig is bad Pattinson is good and the script he got is also good
Delfin 20 gün önce
Yes kudos to the crew for making this film look so gorgeous, I swear this film had some of the most beautiful shots in film history.
PokeLegend Z
PokeLegend Z 16 gün önce
@King Robert lol look whos talking about not understanding a character..
Kelly Mulderino
Kelly Mulderino 17 gün önce
it sucked lol
King Robert
King Robert 17 gün önce
@PokeLegend Z he was the best out of the three. He would eat the other batmen for breakfast, his rage and cynicism was like a beast, his backstory was so interesting, you only hate him cause you don't understand him
PokeLegend Z
PokeLegend Z 17 gün önce
@King Robert he is easily the worst out of the three..
NETFLIX LOVING 20 gün önce
*In my opinion. The Batman was one off the greatest DC movies ever made!!*
Amuro Ray
Amuro Ray 11 gün önce
@Dævid lmfao no need for that
TheRealGhost 15 gün önce
But CBM ever made, close contender to Spiderman 2, actually I take that back idk, but they are close
Tarang Nair
Tarang Nair 16 gün önce
@diethr nah, I have to agree. I think the story, while weaker than the technical brilliance of the film, is still fantastic in practically every way
Tarang Nair
Tarang Nair 16 gün önce
@Yash Soni nah, it's definitely better than the entire MCU. I think the only MCU film that could ever actually be compared to this is Iron Man, and even that's a stretch
Rahul Gomes
Rahul Gomes 16 gün önce
Lexa Trice
Lexa Trice 20 gün önce
The Batman is the most immersive movie I have ever seen. Felt so realistic in theatre. Its 2D experience felt far better than 3D experience of other big budget Hollywood movies.
HairFire 11 gün önce
The Dark Knight and Batman v Superman also felt real too
D HV 20 gün önce
As they say, the best CGI is the one that you don't realize is CGI. Amazing technology, you guys made a great movie.
Amuro Ray
Amuro Ray 11 gün önce
@Kelly Mulderino it’s okay if that’s how you feel. It wasn’t but you do you. I also saw your other comments malding over this film but you keep coming back to comment-cope on HBO’s Channel. People will continue to praise it. Cope with that however you want 😭
Kelly Mulderino
Kelly Mulderino 11 gün önce
@Amuro Ray nah it was a good film. sorry man :(
Amuro Ray
Amuro Ray 11 gün önce
@Kelly Mulderino Nope. he was nothing like Bane. Heath was actually like Joker. Bane was some buff white dude who was a member of The League of Shadows. That movie was a massive downgrade from TDK. Nothing perfect about it
Kelly Mulderino
Kelly Mulderino 11 gün önce
@Amuro Ray nah he was perfect
Amuro Ray
Amuro Ray 11 gün önce
@Kelly Mulderino only TDK. TDKR’s Bane should have been much better than what he was.
Asif Siyad
Asif Siyad 20 gün önce
Batman is a perfect film for people who dream about cinema
Kelly Mulderino
Kelly Mulderino 16 gün önce
lol it sucked
Asif Siyad
Asif Siyad 18 gün önce
@Morgs Ch. With nolan🔥🔥
Lei Keylosh
Lei Keylosh 18 gün önce
@Asif Siyad Absolutely. The Batman is everything you should NOT do when making a movie.
Prajwal Jayaraj
Prajwal Jayaraj 19 gün önce
I agree
Morgs Ch.
Morgs Ch. 19 gün önce
Also a perfect film for batman fans around the globe!
The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight 20 gün önce
This film deserves an Oscar for the cinematography and the visual effects
mrlabear crouse
mrlabear crouse 12 gün önce
@HENRIQUE PLAY 0.5 the Batmobile didn’t just “die”. Batman used that as a scare tactic to distract Penguin and his goons so Selina and Gordon could escape
Luca 12 gün önce
Let's see what happens...
HENRIQUE PLAY 0.5 14 gün önce
@Tarang Nair youtube translate altomatically. Ander the comment. But thank you to translate.
Tarang Nair
Tarang Nair 14 gün önce
@HENRIQUE PLAY 0.5 Why would I translate any of this? Edit: Quickly reading this off Google translate, I don't think it's a weakness in the script, but rather to show the potential this Batman has to grow. By making him so ridiculously flawed, he has a lot of time for growth and to improve into a better detective
HENRIQUE PLAY 0.5 14 gün önce
@Tarang Nair translate it. Gostei muito do filme mas tem coisas que não da para levar a sério, tipo a cena do batmovel, quando ele vai sair para pegar o pinguim o batmovel morre, tipo wtf? O batman não soube soltar a embreagem? E tem outra coisa, como o batman não viu o tapete? Vamos supor que você é novo na perícia (Não presisa nem imaginar que você é o maior detetive do mundo) você é novo é seu primeiro dia, tem um tapete enorme no chão, você vai ver ou vai deixar lá? O impressionante é o batman perceber que só tem um tapete lá, por que o policial disse que a mãe dele instalava carpete! Entre outras coisas.. o filme é bom, mas pelo adiamento de 1 ano o roteiro poderia ser muito melhor (minha opinião)
Just Your Average Yotsubro 🍀
Just Your Average Yotsubro 🍀 20 gün önce
3:25 seeing this makes me appreciate more the batmobile chase scene. The actors feel like they're actually interacting with the traffic and makes it an immersive experience.
OrangeDrink74 10 gün önce
@NeomuNeoChicken except for all the CG stuff....
OrangeDrink74 10 gün önce
@Vaibhav Bhandari Firstly, what an unbelievably dumb take. You liked it when you thought it was practical? But even though it looks exactly the same as when you thought it was practical, you're disappointed in that scene? Because one marketing video wrongly implies it was shot with ILM's Stagecraft (it wasn't anyway)? Good grief.
Amuro Ray
Amuro Ray 11 gün önce
@Vaibhav Bhandari except you didn’t realize this until you watched this video. So they accomplished their job.
NeomuNeoChicken 17 gün önce
@Vaibhav Bhandari it's only for scenes where you can see their actual faces in the car, rest of it still remains practical
NormalYoutubeUser 20 gün önce
The amount of time and detail that went into the sets were worth it, and the cinematography in this masterpiece was so beautiful, best Batman film in my opinion, can’t wait for the sequel, I suspect it’ll be just as good as the first film
nanand 20 gün önce
@King Robert yess.. i remember when batman pissed himself in that martha scene.. so intimidating 😈😈
King Robert
King Robert 20 gün önce
BvS ultimate edition is the best Batman film from a Batman perspective with the Best most intimidating Batman and best Bruce Wayne
kamransdiary 19 gün önce
I am so glad that after The Mandalorian someone decided to do this in a big screen movie. Loved the immersive experience it brought out for the audience. Great job!
A. Madison
A. Madison 17 gün önce
This actually happened because of Covid. They had planned location shooting in Glasgow and more in Liverpool and all that had to be cancelled. They postponed the shoot for six months, and during that time they had to figure out how to shoot around Covid issues that prevented them from going on locations. So Greg Fraser, the cinematographer, had also shot the Mandolaorian and he suggested using that tech for The Batman. Very good that Reeves had worked with Fraser on Let Me In and used him again for The Batman. Other cinematographers might not have been so knowledgeable about the new tech and so quick to suggest it.
Bats 1986
Bats 1986 20 gün önce
The way Gotham & the Batmobile felt like characters in this film were the standouts for me plus the foundations were laid with so much potential to grow & develop the characters & build the world inside Gotham ✌️🦇
Purnendu Ray
Purnendu Ray 20 gün önce
This film deserves multiple academy nominations . cinematography was out of this world good , it's like I was sucked into a noir Gotham City , this Gotham City is the best version of the city ive seen and I can't wait to see what Matt Reeves brings next . the music 😭❤ every single character's background music was so unique and brilliant it's crazy how good the music was . Matt Reeves really delivered a modern classic and the best Batman movie ever .
Just another idiot
Just another idiot 16 gün önce
@Soto RC it is, that's why everyone is saying it 🤷‍♂️
Soto RC
Soto RC 16 gün önce
This is not the best batman movie ever lol
Icy Cold Hands
Icy Cold Hands 17 gün önce
It will definitely get some nominations, it's early in the year but I'd say is bound to win Sound Design at least
Rudra Thakore
Rudra Thakore 20 gün önce
why do ya care abut awards my mann
Israel C M
Israel C M 20 gün önce
Everyone did a fantastic job on this movie, cast , crew, the studio, DC staff and thank you for putting out a movie a great.. No more rushing of movies just coz you want to copy what Marvel is doing..
Mike Lewandowski
Mike Lewandowski 17 gün önce
@Garrett Murphy I agree
Garrett Murphy
Garrett Murphy 18 gün önce
@Mike Lewandowski I love this movie. It's a masterpiece.
I'm not The One Above All
I'm not The One Above All 19 gün önce
@DCmastermind First I agree with both replies of yours. Btw, yeah it's true that they rushed but they didn't rush THAT much like haters say. MCU 'focused' on 4 characters the most before their first team-up (not counting Black Widow because she had no story or arc or something in Iron Man 2). And DCEU focused on 3 characters the most. So, I don't think there's much difference. Tbh, if Zack Snyder would have released the first JL movie in 2017 (which would have had ZS'JL stuff) with almost 3 hours of runtime then, I bet, the 2017's version of first JL movie would have been a better team-up movie than first two Avengers movies, even if Aquaman was not released back then.
DCmastermind First
DCmastermind First 19 gün önce
@Mike Lewandowski BvS was great and even WBs new CEO David Zaslav said it was his favourite.
DCmastermind First
DCmastermind First 19 gün önce
No movies were rushed. DC has the most iconic characters and well known characters ever. DC just skipped the origins.
Dis_ Inferno
Dis_ Inferno 20 gün önce
The Batman was a remarkble movie. This such a gift to the fans and cinemalovers. I can't appreciate it more, than I already have.
Captain Nutsack
Captain Nutsack 20 gün önce
I would have never guessed that so many of the city shots/rooftop scenes were "green screen". This movie did everything right. Everything.
Lock ness
Lock ness 18 gün önce
More like screen screen
Captain Nutsack
Captain Nutsack 20 gün önce
@Doc I know. "Green screen" was just the easy way for me to say it. I don't know what this new tech is called.
Doc 20 gün önce
It wasn't green screen, it's the new virtual technology. That's why it looks so good.
Darth Drip
Darth Drip 20 gün önce
I absolutely love watching the behind the scenes of this movie to see exactly how they made every single part of it, Matt Reeves brought his A-game and it shows.
Amuro Ray
Amuro Ray 11 gün önce
@Keegan Kirk “who paid you to say that?” -🤓 I know some films that will easily entertain you
Keegan Kirk
Keegan Kirk 16 gün önce
@A. Madison An agenda you say?.. Bad taste you say?... No.. no.. no... I assure you, young Madison.. I am merely a provocateur of truth and knowledge!
A. Madison
A. Madison 17 gün önce
@Keegan Kirk Snyder is done at DC. Knocking a fantastic movie like this will not bring him back. The Batman has an A- from CinemaScore, better than any of Snyder's DC films, better than Dr Strange MoM, better than most comic book movies. It's a spectacular film and audiences loved it. If you didn't, you either have an agenda or bad taste. No one can fix that, Kirk.
Keegan Kirk
Keegan Kirk 17 gün önce
@Captain Barra How long have you been the King of witless questioning?
Captain Barra
Captain Barra 17 gün önce
​@Keegan Kirk Don't worry, I think theres another fast and furious coming. I know thats more your speed. So do you always conflate your experience with reality or is this a new thing for you? Because anyone that says something is bad because they didn't like it must lack any semblance of awareness and objectivity lmao. How long have you been the arbiter of what's entertaining and what's high level writing? You must have A LOT of experience in both writing and making movies and have commercial successes with both big budgets and small budgets projects. I'd love to see how its done. So which of your work should I check out first?
I Slay Goblins
I Slay Goblins 20 gün önce
Holy smokes, the car chase looked so real in the movie.
William Whitten
William Whitten 18 gün önce
The fact that you couldn’t tell once that they were using the volume tech is a testament to how flawless this technology is getting
Matt 20 gün önce
wow this really blew me away. I thought most of the scenes in this movie was taken in real locations. Can't believe how gorgeous and realistic looking it is.
White Walker
White Walker 20 gün önce
I'm so glad that The Mandalorian invented virtual production that gives photo realistic lighting to background effects and some moviemakers are quickly adapting that technology to their movies. Because when using blue/green screen it always makes a digital fake look a human eye quickly catches. When you realise the shot is fake it breaks most of the immersion.
OrangeDrink74 9 gün önce
you've seen hundreds of thousands of green and blue screens you didn't know were green or bluescreens. The bad looking ones are usually because the cinematographer didn't light it very well. Because they didn't plan, didn't have an idea of what was going back there, or the Director changed his mind on what to have in the background. I remember one shot that started out as daytime, then was supposed to be sunset. Then the Director wanted it at night. Then they did a reshoot lit for night time. Then the DIrector decided he wanted it to go from day time to night time comically fast even though there was no light changing on the character. Now, when you have that director but they shot in front of an LED panel and baked in the background, and then he changes his mind 14 and you end up with something completely different to the original background, you tell me how good you think that's going to look. Because that's already happening.
Evo García
Evo García 13 gün önce
@Ramigo Yeah, also they used before in some commercials.
Ramigo 18 gün önce
It is Epic Games who deserve the credit, as their 3D engineers used it in game engine before.Mando crew really got the right idea (plus a really big budget) to bring it to a live scene, modders and content creators used it long before for their 3D projects.
Anubrato Roy
Anubrato Roy 19 gün önce
It is mind-boggling what they achieved here!! I mean damm dude, I had no idea that this was shot on a set, the lighting, and the camera made it look so photo-realistic!! Testament to what technology has achieved and I am loving this
Pepsi Man
Pepsi Man 20 gün önce
Didn't expect this to be as good as the Nolan Trilogy but wow it's on par with The Dark Knight. Without a doubt the best adaptation of the character
Alejandro Perez Perez
Alejandro Perez Perez 16 gün önce
@Samarjeet Bhonsle but not the best movie
Mr. J
Mr. J 19 gün önce
No one knows since they didn't promote it
dylan 19 gün önce
@kyle watson It is
Samarjeet Bhonsle
Samarjeet Bhonsle 20 gün önce
@kyle watson it's the best adaptation of the character in Live Action for sure
kyle watson
kyle watson 20 gün önce
Nah, it's not..
J Sanders
J Sanders 20 gün önce
Absolutely outstanding. I couldn't put my finger on why everything just seemed so real & gritty. The Batman really does show up how fake the MCU looks. Huge well done to all involved
Peter Parker
Peter Parker 14 gün önce
But it's sad to see MCU making all the money
Hitesh Sharma
Hitesh Sharma 19 gün önce
Tre Lyles
Tre Lyles 20 gün önce
Lol what?
Avik Das
Avik Das 20 gün önce
Incredible movie. Can't wait for the sequel
A. Madison
A. Madison 17 gün önce
@King Robert I wasn't intimidated. He looked bloated and unable to run after a criminal. LOL, Pattinson is 10x the actor Affleck is and Reeves is 100x the director Snyder is. The fact is, if Snyder's films had made the kind of money WB wanted, he'd still be making DC movies. But they didn't, and Affleck has quit, so move on.
King Robert
King Robert 18 gün önce
@B. SR why not? He was the most intimidating, most conflicted and interesting portrayal of Bruce Wayne and Batman. Batman is not some skinny emo who can’t get himself in public
B. SR 18 gün önce
@King Robert no. Just no.
Mike Lewandowski
Mike Lewandowski 20 gün önce
@King Robert too bad it’ll never happen. Cause no one who isn’t a Snyder stan would rather have that than this. Even Ben Affleck doesn’t want anything to do with it. So enjoy his cameo in the Flash movie. That’s the last you’ll see of him.
King Robert
King Robert 20 gün önce
and Ben Affleck solo movie
Fentolix 17 gün önce
Not only is it impressive how the movie was made, but that it turned out this good with this relatively new tech.
Amuro Ray
Amuro Ray 11 gün önce
@Tarang Nair Kelly has been posting comments like that for weeks. Their a Nolan fanboy in denial at this movie’s success. Lmao
Tarang Nair
Tarang Nair 16 gün önce
@Kelly Mulderino how was it horrible?
Kelly Mulderino
Kelly Mulderino 16 gün önce
the movie was horrible lol.
Frank Walker
Frank Walker 19 gün önce
Storyline, Visual everything was perfect. Best movie of this year
Oswaldo Ramírez Roa
Oswaldo Ramírez Roa 8 gün önce
terrible?? it's way better than most of comic book movies lol
Lei Keylosh
Lei Keylosh 18 gün önce
Story is crap. Terrible script. What movie do you Warner Bros shills watched??
MyDreaminOrbit 20 gün önce
This technology makes a huge difference in visual fidelity. Creating worlds much more immersive than green screens could ever do. Fantastic work by all who made this masterpiece.
Phaex 15 gün önce
@King Robert Because it's 2022, if you don't wanna see progress don't watch new movies
MyDreaminOrbit 20 gün önce
@King Robert Gotham isn't exactly real unless you want to see New York or Chicago
King Robert
King Robert 20 gün önce
Why cant we do things the old fashioned way
S3 34
S3 34 20 gün önce
This Batman Universe that Matt Reeves created is so similar BTAS, it's everything I wanted and more. I just hope Matt Reeves adds fantasy elements and embraces characters like Mr Freeze, Killer croc etc for what they are. And for those saying you dont see how this Batman would work in a JL setting, YOU'RE WRONG. Batman is always meant to be this grounded and human so we can feel the juxtaposition of what he is doing alongside AND against superhumans. Great Movie and i'm excited by the prospect of this Universe 👏👏
Mr. J
Mr. J 20 gün önce
King Robert
King Robert 20 gün önce
Batfleck needed to be in this grounded universe, all the dceu content ruined the character
Hondo 20 gün önce
In my honest opinion I don’t think anything was wrong with the movie I thought the acting was amazing Patterson did amazing as Batman and portrayed him very well
Primeboy125 19 gün önce
The cast and crew team members that worked on this movie deserve all praise and recognition for doing such a spectacular job and being so methodical and detailed, I honestly cannot wait for the sequel and other projects . THANK YOU !
Philly Jackson
Philly Jackson 20 gün önce
One of if not the best movie of this year and DC films, straight masterpiece 💯
Nea Karlson
Nea Karlson 16 gün önce
@King Robert HE KILLS
A. Madison
A. Madison 16 gün önce
@King Robert And he's the skinny kid who earned $3.4 BILLION in a crap franchise simply because he had so much charisma, women lined up around the block to see him. Same way they lined up to see The Batman and made it a box office hit, with a sequel and two spin offs on HBO Max. It's a critical and financial success, and that's because he's the lead. He carries the entire film and the franchise. Affleck never manged to do that and he had more than one chance. you just have bad taste, are insecure about your manhood and love glorified violence.
A. Madison
A. Madison 16 gün önce
@King Robert No one should have to sit through that bloated dreck. The plot is still full of holes and the character of Batman is the Punisher, not Batman. Batman doesn't kill recklessly and with no remorse. As for the bloat, the suit was so padded, he could hardly move in it. He couldn't run at all. If a bad guy stood right in front of him, sure, he could punch them, big deal. He had no detective skills, he was easily duped, and Snyder is just a bad director. Deal with it and stop trolling The Batman pages. It won't bring Snyder or Affleck back.
King Robert
King Robert 16 gün önce
@A. Madison you haven’t watched BvS ultimate edition it’s so apparent so stop being ignorant and following others opinions. If you think he is bloated, he is pure muscle, you say he is slow, he is so quick in the warehouse fight or when the police officer sees him and he manages to flee. And yes he is way more charismatic than Pattinson. His whole character is based on his broken past. Pattinson has no past he is just some weird skinny kid that shows up at crime scenes and makes cops angry, there’s nothing interesting about that.
A. Madison
A. Madison 17 gün önce
@King Robert lol, he was bloated and sluggish. Also the real Batman doesn't kill recklessly and with no remorse. There was nothing smart about him. He let himself be fooled right and left, he wasn't smart at all.lmao charismatic??? It's more interesting to watch Pattinson just stand there for five minutes than see Affleck act like a thug for two hours. You have low standards and wouldn't know a good film if you fell over it. Snyder is not coming back, it's over, move on.
Ayub Ali
Ayub Ali 20 gün önce
I feel like a way forward for DC is to just concentrate on these elseworld films and make them with a good story and make it a great film instead of trying to build up a incomprehensible cinematic universe. I hope we get more of these "DC Black" films like Joker (2019) and The Batman (2022) in the future.
KOLECAVA 20 gün önce
It's just amazing for actors too being able to really immerse in the story through the environment.
apple tree
apple tree 20 gün önce
I could watch hours of behind the scenes for The Batman. You can tell how much thought has gone into the movie just by watching it, but hearing Matt and Greig talk about it makes you realise that there's so much more than you might have realised
Julian Mk
Julian Mk 20 gün önce
Year 2 Batman movie i always wanted. Thank you Matt Reeves for making this masterpiece. I'm gonna say it again for those who didn't like the movie. This is Year 2.
Lei Keylosh
Lei Keylosh 18 gün önce
So I'm guessing Batman learned basic spanish grammar on Year 3? And learned what a carpet tucker is on Year 4?
Edenbulte 18 gün önce
@diethr what did you understand? The comment said it’s year two and you still say he’s “just starting”. What was SO lame about it? Looks to me like you’re just nitpicking to hate on a popular movie. The detective part was not perfect but FAR from weak lmao
diethr 20 gün önce
I understand, but why does he already have a batsignal of he’s just starting, to many lame things in this story for me. Cinematography is masterful, but the whole detective part is weak story telling.
Chance Edwards
Chance Edwards 20 gün önce
I’m excited to see where this goes, like the technology they used. I honestly thought they filmed in a city the whole time. I imagine you can make all types of virtual sets that’ll stay in studio while looking like the real thing.
Vesting Knight
Vesting Knight 20 gün önce
The crew are the real stars of this movie, the entire environment felt organic and real like it was living breathing dark violent city. Most studios create good environments but it doesn't really make you feel like you're actually there.
ShaolinXtreme 18 gün önce
Honestly, going into this movie I was very content with it being a joker style one off, despite it being my most anticipated movie of the year, but after seeing the movie several times I really am stoked to see a few more outings in this amazing world of Gotham they created. The music and the city feels like characters in their own right. Man this movie was an amazing experience through and through.
RakKD 20 gün önce
This behind the scenes video is just amazing, beautiful and cool just like the movie The Batman (2022)🦇 itself. Hats off to the entire team of The Batman (2022)🦇. Thanks a lot for giving DC Fans one of the best comic book movie. 👏🏼 #TheBatman #HBOMax
Shintaro Khorieh
Shintaro Khorieh 20 gün önce
Sarthak Shetty
Sarthak Shetty 20 gün önce
The way they shot the film is crazy.The future of film making technology is now here!!!
ZUZU 20 gün önce
Wow this was amazing, I love this new technology and how it elevates the film. I can’t wait for Batman 2!! ☺️
Saarang Anand
Saarang Anand 20 gün önce
This was super interesting to watch. Crazy amount of talent and technology involved in the making of this masterpiece.
OverXposre 18 gün önce
Matt Reeves is an absolute masterclass of a filmmaker in every sense of the word!
BWalker9313 17 gün önce
That's insane. No idea they did this on movies. Looks amazing
Kapilesh Blitz
Kapilesh Blitz 20 gün önce
Definitely one of the best batman movies ever made that doesn't deviate from reality much! ..
Ka Chow
Ka Chow 17 gün önce
I think one of the most important factors is that they used the volume technology to support the practical amazing sets, the technology is a game changer but knowing how and when to use it is important and it's something they nailed
Baz 20 gün önce
so incredibly cool, I could watch these bts for hours along with the movie over and over again haha amazing job crew, thank you for creating a gotham that completely pulled us in
DreSaidSo 20 gün önce
this is a certified warner bros classic
Garrett Murphy
Garrett Murphy 20 gün önce
Agreed. Can't wait for the sequel.
I-Crafts Design
I-Crafts Design 16 gün önce
What I love about this is that it has all the advantages of green screen minus the "green aura" and it gives actors reference for where they have to look.
carsten 20 gün önce
This movie was a masterpiece, huge shootout to the Crew!
Anthony AG-SI
Anthony AG-SI 20 gün önce
This technology is really amazing. The way they use it. Immersive.
Vinny Banana
Vinny Banana 18 gün önce
Could never have guessed they were using backdrops. Wow. Perfect example of what CGI and practical effects working together can accomplish.
Cot 20 gün önce
I never knew they used the volume for this movie. It's used a lot in The Mandolorian. It's used so well you'd think they're on location.
Max Eyzenhart
Max Eyzenhart 20 gün önce
Masterpiece movie. The best universe incoming
Fabricio Castelo Zeta
Fabricio Castelo Zeta 18 gün önce
@diethr litle kid Marvel
diethr 19 gün önce
@Fabricio Castelo Zeta la rata, el rata, url - dumbest scene in the movie. Also grow up a little kid
Fabricio Castelo Zeta
Fabricio Castelo Zeta 19 gün önce
@diethr 🐀
Fabricio Castelo Zeta
Fabricio Castelo Zeta 20 gün önce
@diethr mediocre good doctor strange 2
Movie Hermit
Movie Hermit 19 gün önce
So much better than filming everything on a green screen and throwing it all to the VFX companies to put together. It just adds a quality to it that makes it look real and tangible even if it's on a screen in the shot itself
Anonymously Unknown
Anonymously Unknown 16 gün önce
Robert Pattinson was my fan cast for Batman in 2017, I never thought that years later he'd actually play my favorite version of Batman in live action (been a fan of Rob since 2010)
Freddy De La Torre
Freddy De La Torre 20 gün önce
Honestly, best Gotham City there has ever been. Now Tim Burton's is in second place. Matt Reeves understood the characters and the atmosphere so well that you would think the guy invented Batman.
RetroPixelion 20 gün önce
I love this movie because it really captures the gotham vibes that i was used to in cartoons and games!
Forbidden Color
Forbidden Color 20 gün önce
It's awesome to see this technology becoming more and more popular. It's like they've brought back old Hollywood’s painted backdrop technique and modernized it. Hopefully virtual sets can eliminate blue/green screen entirely.
Gabriel Martins
Gabriel Martins 20 gün önce
This is absolutely amazing. Congrats to everyone involved
Iffat Jahan
Iffat Jahan 20 gün önce
Hard work obviously paid off. All these behind the scenes make us realise that all of them did their utmost to give us a great movie.
BoomerBoi 20 gün önce
Tumi Mbasa
Tumi Mbasa 16 gün önce
that batmobile chase scene will never get old. Such a amazing cinematic scene
Nishan kumar
Nishan kumar 20 gün önce
Best cinematography, best visuals, colors, background score, acting. Its a masterpiece
DanFarrell98 20 gün önce
It’s great how we’ve come full circle back to filming in front of screens but now it’s 1000x better. I’m glad that more studios are using LED volumes and it’s not something that Disney have patented or something
Shweenz 18 gün önce
I live for this stuff. I saw the movie in IMAX and fell in love. It's one of those things that makes me wish I had a time travel machine, so I could redo my life and make sure I'm a part of this.
KOSM0S 10 gün önce
Yes kudos to the crew for making this film look so gorgeous, I swear this film had some of the most beautiful shots in film history.
Yosri Chan
Yosri Chan 17 gün önce
This film was a cinematic masterpiece, like you could take a screenshot of any random scene from the movie and it'd make a great wallpaper 🤌✨
Unorthodox Mando
Unorthodox Mando 15 gün önce
The making of this movie is the most intriguing, interesting, and just breath taking then any movie other than Avatar😍
Film Crew
Film Crew 20 gün önce
I love my industry and how it keeps pushing the envelope; absolute fun in filmmaking (headaches also) and/but the final product is a masterpiece. Great film absolutely loved The Batman. Cheers all cast and crew!
Nick 16 gün önce
The LED tech is like a perfect blend of CGI and old school theatre, it must be great for the actors to not be staring at a blue backdrop all day
CiliskyTV 20 gün önce
Damn I thought the batmobile scene is real Great tech showcase
A. Madison
A. Madison 17 gün önce
It mostly is. They really jumped the Batmobile through the fire. There's another video that has Reeves talking about that.
reda mechran
reda mechran 20 gün önce
I think it's a mix of both, ive seen another bts footage where they actually shot it on the streets.
Juice 20 gün önce
That very first statement by Matt Reeves really exemplifies why this movie blows MCU out the water
Xomi 17 gün önce
Because the MCU is not trying to be realist ?
Icarius Negus
Icarius Negus 20 gün önce
Beautiful. Can't wait for the next chapter
Aixman 18 gün önce
I love they acknowledged The Mandalorian without outright saying it. "having done this before on another show" and "volume work (previously) done was for desert scapes, not city scapes"
BlueDoomz 20 gün önce
I'm so hyped for the sequel 😍 this is one of my favorite movies I've ever watched in cinema
Howling Burd19
Howling Burd19 20 gün önce
This movie is basically everything a Batman movie should be like from action, to detective work, to the portrayal. Not even the Nolan movies captured the vibes and characteristics of Batman. By focusing more on Bruce Wayne instead of the villain, this version of Bruce is much more “alive” and grounded than any of the other versions prior. And it’s about time because Bruce Wayne is a very interesting and deep character in the comics
T.A.P. 17 gün önce
@Lei Keylosh Seriously, it was so obviously a URL address instead 😂
Lei Keylosh
Lei Keylosh 18 gün önce
Yeah, amazing detective work. Like having to rely on Penguin for basic spanish grammar to solve a riddle. Give me a break. This movie is a joke.
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