Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts | Official Teaser | HBO Max

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Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson join filmmaker Chris Columbus and other esteemed cast members across all eight Harry Potter films as they travel back to Hogwarts for the first time to celebrate the anniversary of the franchise’s first film, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, which premiered 20 years ago today. The retrospective special Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts will tell an enchanting making-of story through all-new in-depth interviews and cast conversations, inviting fans on a magical first-person journey through one of the most beloved film franchises of all time.
The highly-anticipated retrospective will be a capstone event of the holiday season, dropping as the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Day, Jan. 1, on HBO Max.
Harry Potter the Eight Film Collection are now streaming on HBO Max.
Alumni of the film franchise will join the memorable tribute, including Helena Bonham Carter, Robbie Coltrane, Ralph Fiennes, Gary Oldman, Imelda Staunton, Tom Felton, James Phelps, Oliver Phelps, Mark Williams, Bonnie Wright, Alfred Enoch, Matthew Lewis, and Evanna Lynch, among others. Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts will honor the magic behind the making of the films and the beautiful family created at Warner Bros. Studios London two decades ago. It will also celebrate the unparalleled legacy of the Harry Potter film franchise and its indelible impact on the hearts, minds, and imaginations of families and fans around the world.
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HBO Max 6 aylar önce
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maryam majeed
maryam majeed 5 aylar önce
How sad I was when I ended the series for the first time I thought because the wonderful story had finished it but I am rewatching it and now hope is filling me as I think that Harry Potter is coming again.
SCAR - Roblox
SCAR - Roblox 5 aylar önce
Make a harry potter 10 PLEASE
Carla Eskelsen
Carla Eskelsen 5 aylar önce
@Seema Sharma and Richard Harris (rip) and Emma Thompson. Wish she were going to be there.
Anatoll France
Anatoll France 5 aylar önce
Where is #JK_Rowling in this show?
Live gaming
Live gaming 5 aylar önce
New movie plz waiting
chris watson
chris watson 6 aylar önce
There are no other movies that I've rewatched more than the Harry Potter series. I still love it after 20 years.
Adzzino 6 aylar önce
Same looool
Logan Legend
Logan Legend 6 aylar önce
It's my second most rewatched series. The first is Pirates of the Caribbean. The two together is the perfect childhood.
Musk 6 aylar önce
alygo 6 aylar önce
lord of the bing
Bot Dbq
Bot Dbq 6 aylar önce
I read the books 24 times each one
Sapphire Blue
Sapphire Blue 5 aylar önce
the whole series of Harry Potter will never get old
Agam Tandon
Agam Tandon 5 aylar önce
@Nameless One Always ❤️
𝘐𝘵'𝘴 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘵𝘪𝘮𝘦
𝘐𝘵'𝘴 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘵𝘪𝘮𝘦 5 aylar önce
@Harshit Singh yes 😩❤️
Harshit Singh
Harshit Singh 5 aylar önce
I can watch it every month on repeat 😩
Maria Anastacio
Maria Anastacio 5 aylar önce
Never ❤️
Nameless One
Nameless One 5 aylar önce
its readers may change, but the magic still remains
Veronicah Smokes
Veronicah Smokes 6 aylar önce
👎 Boycotting this until they acknowledge the creator of the whole Harry Potter universe, JK Rowling, without whom HP wouldn’t even have existed. Excluding her from this reunion is like biting the hand that fed them. Utterly disgusting!
GenghisKhanxxx 5 aylar önce
I never even liked her but yes it's a disgrace that they turned on her as soon as their masters commanded them to, those actors would be nothing without her
Tech Hawk
Tech Hawk 6 aylar önce
It feels incomplete without JK Rowling !
Claire Ioannou
Claire Ioannou 5 aylar önce
I have chills and I almost cried only with a teaser. Imagine watching the whole thing 😭🥺✨
Cédric Blanc
Cédric Blanc 4 aylar önce
And I've got to wake up early tomorrow for something important, and I just wanted to relax a little bit before going to bed, and now I'm fuuuurious!!!!
Flamengo Forever•
Flamengo Forever• 6 aylar önce
This isn't just a song This isn't just a theme This isn't just a masterpiece It is an EMOTION...
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya 5 aylar önce
@Jinx it isn’t a state of mind IT’S A WHOLE MOOD!!
Sebeany 5 aylar önce
Ritu 5 aylar önce
useless being
useless being 5 aylar önce
naruto is emotion actually.
Future CRF
Future CRF 5 aylar önce
Merlin Prifti
Merlin Prifti 6 aylar önce
I grew up with Harry Potter movies and I really do feel blessed and proud about tis. I still watch the movies every November of every new year . It brings back the nostalgia, the happiness, and it changes your emotions for good. I cried when I heard about the reunion. I am looking forward to watching it 🤍
Love 5 aylar önce
I feel you sis
Quinn Ang
Quinn Ang 5 aylar önce
We need a sequel. It can be Harry's child or someone else. I dont care. I just know I need this in my life.
Wania Ahsan
Wania Ahsan 5 aylar önce
You can read the Harry Potter And The Cursed Child ( heads up it kinda ruins harry potter for you completely)
Isa Wes
Isa Wes 5 aylar önce
@Yusra Shabbir some things she said about 'trans' people. And all the actors disagreed. I think they still love each other anyway.
Yusra Shabbir
Yusra Shabbir 5 aylar önce
@Kenny M why what happened
Kenny M
Kenny M 5 aylar önce
trust me, you don't want this one
AMMINUS AARNAV 5 aylar önce
prashant Barasker
prashant Barasker 5 aylar önce
Harry Potter helped me through a rough phase in my life I remember locking myself in room , escaping from real world & living in magical world... Harry Potter means a lot to me...it's nostalgic ♥️
yuoop noke
yuoop noke 5 aylar önce
“Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.” - JK Rowling
Cmc8506 6 aylar önce
You can’t have Harry Potter with out Severus Snape. Rest In Peace Alan Rickman 🙏
Angela Glaser
Angela Glaser 3 aylar önce
Well you kinda can. Because he died in the movie.
Mango's Collections ❤️❤️❤️🥭🥭🥭
Mango's Collections ❤️❤️❤️🥭🥭🥭 5 aylar önce
IKR..... I love his character sooo much.... Rest in peace Alan Rickman.... 😊😊😊😊😊😊🤗🤗🤗🤗
LoL Daily Clips
LoL Daily Clips 5 aylar önce
true, he was my most favourite character
Pranay Raj
Pranay Raj 5 aylar önce
Rip 🙏🏻
Aaliyah Patel
Aaliyah Patel 5 aylar önce
Or Helen mcory
Frunza Cristian
Frunza Cristian 5 aylar önce
Please make some new movies! Love them!
Aadila Jahan
Aadila Jahan 5 aylar önce
No words to explain this series 💖
Elle.A.R 5 aylar önce
Looks like it’s time to re-read the entire series! I’m so excited for this!! Harry Potter is my everything 🖤
Sohana Hafiz
Sohana Hafiz 5 aylar önce
This is the most favorite movie series of mine I hope it will never get old in future ... The director and the whole cast was everyone's favorite 💜
Marjan P
Marjan P 6 aylar önce
I'm almost 30 and I still binge watching Harry Potter movies...they will never get old for me...❤️
Beke Downes
Beke Downes 5 aylar önce
I turned 40 this year and the first movie came out just before my 21st birthday. I still love it to this day!
Danny 6 aylar önce
@Matthew Robert Witherspoon Amen to that!!
Raptile07 6 aylar önce
I'm 29 and I love the movies.
VeNkAtEsH 6 aylar önce
Me too
Vítor Sousa
Vítor Sousa 6 aylar önce
I'm literally 20 exactly like the films
Tabbychu 5 aylar önce
to this day the magic of it all still gives me chills. I'M SO EXCITED
Maria Llave
Maria Llave 6 aylar önce
I'm really thankful for j.k rowling for writing this wonderful story of harry potter... its my escape haven... my paradise of imagination it keeps me young at heart and get me through tough times of my life.... in book or in movie harry potter is truly a masterpiece... thanks for the beautiful memories!!!
ARHAAN 5 aylar önce
This will never get old in coming decades ❤️😭
Nature Lover
Nature Lover 6 aylar önce
I'm literally gonna cry..those were the happiest days of my life when me and my cousin unite in summer or winter holidays and used to watch these fantasy movies 😭❤️
ella schafer
ella schafer 6 aylar önce
the fact that i got to grow up with harry potter is a blessing i swear
MrFrosty Vlogs
MrFrosty Vlogs 5 aylar önce
please make something good in harry potter universe i don't want magic beasts movies i want to experience something similar to harry potter there has to be university or just make different story in different time or just make a good animated harry potter show which covers books more thoroughly and add something more to make it interesting and fun i really miss harry potter please do something
Joshua lacey
Joshua lacey 5 aylar önce
I wish I grew up with it :(
FBenders - FIFA Mobile
FBenders - FIFA Mobile 5 aylar önce
the same bro
fiver 5 aylar önce
@Casual gamer ig they mean as the movies were coming out, so they kind of got to grow up with the cast?
Agret 5 aylar önce
​@Casual gamer yes they can watch all the movies but I grew up with it and the actors are all around the same ages as me so when the movies were coming out it was pretty hype. Not really the same to just sit down and watch them. The story was not complete either so there was a lot of hype around the books and what was going to happen next. we had so many discussions at school.
ABHISHEK DAMRAL 6 aylar önce
Brings backs all the childhood memories 😭😭
Ryan MacKinnon
Ryan MacKinnon 5 aylar önce
I want J.K. Rowling to make more Harry Potter books so we can get more sequels because those movies are really good.
Luna Nera
Luna Nera 5 aylar önce
@Olivia What do you mean she didnt write it?
Olivia 5 aylar önce
@GemmaJohnshat she didn't wrote it
GemmaJohnshat 5 aylar önce
Pleaso no. The epilogue was such crap and The Cursed Child seemed like it was written by a 5th grader....
Vaishnavi T
Vaishnavi T 5 aylar önce
Literally my entire childhood in a video 🥺😭😭😭😭😭😭😭❤️so excited!!
santhi v
santhi v 5 aylar önce
I always end up with Harry Potter series whenever I feel like watching sometime and doesn't know what to watch..and everytime I feel refreshing and a smile comes on my face..such an amazing thing for me ❤️
Rishika 🦋
Rishika 🦋 6 aylar önce
Them- "Still waiting after 20 years ?" Potterheads- "Always"
Catherine Drakopoulou
Catherine Drakopoulou 4 aylar önce
love how this was quoted in the actual ending of the documntary itself LMAO
Glitter world
Glitter world 5 aylar önce
So sad its not new movie,just an interview,we saw their interviews million times,we want new MOVIEEEEEE
Nisa Nur
Nisa Nur 6 aylar önce
This is awesome ^-^ I'm excited for that!
marsh mallow
marsh mallow 6 aylar önce
Please this comment is making me cry.
yassin.o.a 5 aylar önce
Even tho I love the books way more than the films I am very much hyped for this (I do love the films well mainly coz of nostalgia)
Priyanshu Kandwal
Priyanshu Kandwal 5 aylar önce
Watced this entire series for more than 10 times and i still enjoy watching them ❤️
nikos kousoulas
nikos kousoulas 6 aylar önce
Always in our hearts a masterpiece !!
Satyam Rai
Satyam Rai 5 aylar önce
Once a masterpiece always a masterpiece 🔥🔥
sakunà 6 aylar önce
Hogwarts feels like our own home... Unable to define the feeling when I close my eyes and the theme music takes me to another world. Feels like I'm one of the students of Hogwarts and close to Harry, Hermione, and Ron.
Killua 6 aylar önce
Mr. Black
Mr. Black 6 aylar önce
Open your eyes now
Nazeer Ahmad
Nazeer Ahmad 6 aylar önce
Felt 😳 to read at first. Then only seen the name and laughed at the moment.
sakunà 6 aylar önce
@Shamli Pakhare absolutely right 🧙✨
Shamli Pakhare
Shamli Pakhare 6 aylar önce
I swear, I can feel my heart racing while listening the theme music...All those memories are still fresh ...
sanjeeb Sahu
sanjeeb Sahu 5 aylar önce
The whole wizarding world is full of nostalgia for me🥰🥰
salman idrisi
salman idrisi 6 aylar önce
Master piece and don't underestimate power of the friendship❤️
DomDOTgaming 5 aylar önce
My childhood memories are flowing through me 😍
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 6 aylar önce
This is the movie series that i can't never be tired of rewatching it even after 100 times.
CrimsonW3b 6 aylar önce
It's official, this is the decade of nostalgia.
pvtjhon 5 aylar önce
@bm01 So go make some
bm01 5 aylar önce
Speaks volumes about the lack of original content these days tbh
blessed✨ 6 aylar önce
@dudeableful Lol ever heard of Netflix?
I like pork
I like pork 5 aylar önce
Every time you rewatch the Harry Potter series, you get this amazing sensation that so many possibilities can happen in Hogwarts, a school of magic.
Shahmeer Mondal
Shahmeer Mondal 5 aylar önce
I am surprisingly new to this series... Had watched all 8 in 2 days... And I love them... Can't wait for this one ❤❤❤
Tushar Verma
Tushar Verma 5 aylar önce
*I'm never got bored watching this series again and again.. It's ❤❤*
nita wary
nita wary 6 aylar önce
The movie never gets old no matter how much I watch it..it is a legendary piece of art
Donald xinping
Donald xinping 6 aylar önce
This and Lord of rings,, will never get old for me.
Logan Legend
Logan Legend 6 aylar önce
@James Model Pirates of the Caribbean 1-3 is better than both.
Buzz with Drip
Buzz with Drip 6 aylar önce
@Aahaan Karia idk still aren't that great
Aahaan Karia
Aahaan Karia 6 aylar önce
@Buzz with Drip the prequels are underrated in my opinion
Aahaan Karia
Aahaan Karia 6 aylar önce
@James Model I disagree
Jom 6 aylar önce
For real! my Year won't be comolete without watching them at least once or twice 😅😅😅
Boredgemini✨ 6 aylar önce
I’m 20 now but I grow up seeing this . It’s so nostalgic as well as series I love so much ❤️
Brian2k___ 5 aylar önce
This is the movie series that i can't never be tired of rewatching it even after 100 times.
Yashika Netam
Yashika Netam 6 aylar önce
I don't know why but my tears can't stop falling while i was watching this ❤️❤️🤧.
Akash 5 aylar önce
Can’t wait to see …super exited ❤️
Fiffy Cp
Fiffy Cp 6 aylar önce
Thank you JK Rowling for creating such a magical universe. Without Harry Potter, I wouldn’t know how much fun reading was /*
Proletarius87 5 aylar önce
@Layuna She's the author first of all. Doing such event without inviting her is theft in my opinion. Theft of the intelectual property. Band of hypocrites, they feel bad for her words, in the meantime don't feel any remorse for earning money from her work. What's the worst of all, other actors applauded to this. It's disgusting.
Delta21 5 aylar önce
@MotootE Who?
F2P Gaming Castle Clash & More!
F2P Gaming Castle Clash & More! 5 aylar önce
@阿中哥哥Vivian freedom of speech is freedom of from being prosecuted by government. Which is not available in china. The government didn’t arrest jk Rowling for what she said, that’s true freedom of speech.
j9 lv
j9 lv 5 aylar önce
Even after 50 years it will always be home for us!!❤
Atharva Swami
Atharva Swami 5 aylar önce
Goosebumps. rest is history 😭
Malcolm Benjamin
Malcolm Benjamin 5 aylar önce
Possibly my favorite franchise honestly.
Anonymous Streamer
Anonymous Streamer 5 aylar önce
Every time i watch this series i never feel bored it is the most interesting series ever and i want Warner Bros to continue making series like this. Thankyou
TimeBucks 6 aylar önce
It will feel incomplete without Alan Rickman
MrFrosty Vlogs
MrFrosty Vlogs 5 aylar önce
please make something good in harry potter universe i don't want magic beasts movies i want to experience something similar to harry potter there has to be university or just make different story in different time or just make a good animated harry potter show which covers books more thoroughly and add something more to make it interesting and fun i really miss harry potter please do something
Cian Shannon
Cian Shannon 5 aylar önce
@Albus Dumbledore 😂😂
Angie Rodriguez Castellini
Angie Rodriguez Castellini 5 aylar önce
@Bum Tras I already spoke my own opinion but if talking to you it's like talking to a wall then i'll end the convo. have a nice day
Elderly Nahum
Elderly Nahum 5 aylar önce
@Tobio _ the original Dumbledore was the only dumbledore
David 2000
David 2000 6 aylar önce
I had a blast rewatching all the Harry Potter movies this month! I was just a baby when the first came out and the last one came out weeks before I even started middle school!
Sumukh Samak
Sumukh Samak 6 aylar önce
There are simply not enough words in the world to explain the joy I feel with this series.
Sibi Vishtan
Sibi Vishtan 6 aylar önce
As soon as I heard that theme with cast of Harry Potter movie I was taken aback to my childhood where I grew with this movie it’s a blessing😍
Prashant Singh
Prashant Singh 5 aylar önce
This is not just a teaser. This is our childhood in which we had grown-up. 🖤🖤
Rajat Bhargava
Rajat Bhargava 6 aylar önce
The whole era of childhood is relived again after seeing the teaser, such happiness and joy it was while waiting for each movie back then and now while seeing the teaser. 1.1.2022 is the day of magic, thank you so much. ❤
Glitter world
Glitter world 5 aylar önce
@Jorge Moreno I thought its the new movie,but no its just an interview,thats lame,we saw their interviews million times,we want new movie,that would be fantastic.
The Steel Sky
The Steel Sky 6 aylar önce
@HBO Max Rowling should be included in this.
Heather Matthews
Heather Matthews 6 aylar önce
@HBO Max Hedwig 😭
Marvin Clarence
Marvin Clarence 6 aylar önce
@HBO Max Hear, hear.
ligma poo
ligma poo 6 aylar önce
wait so its gonna be live on 1.1.22? how can i watch it
Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams 5 aylar önce
this made me want to watch all of the movies again 🥺
Houndz 5 aylar önce
I honestly got goosebumps. I am a huge fan of Harry Potter series
faysal mullaire
faysal mullaire 5 aylar önce
The prisoners of Azkaban for me the best, the music, tone, the actions, their ages n the director just perfect.
wit cher
wit cher 6 aylar önce
I wish if i have time machine and go to those old days and watch every episode of Harry Potter with curiosity anf affection ❤
JAYARAM 6 aylar önce
It's hard to imagine that the movie is celebrating its 20th anniversary because its still fresh in my heart & will remain so....❤️❤️❤️ No matter how many years will pass by but the emotion will remain the same. Extremely exicted to see all of them together again........
Aman Dhattarwal
Aman Dhattarwal 6 aylar önce
@阿中哥哥Vivian ????
Brady Barker
Brady Barker 6 aylar önce
I saw the first one in theatres when i was like 8...I remember that day pretty well actually.
museeb ghumman
museeb ghumman 6 aylar önce
Aarav Uchiha
Aarav Uchiha 6 aylar önce
@NOVAwell it turns the whole story on the 4th/5th movie when one of the villan shows up Dolores umbridge
ISA 700
ISA 700 6 aylar önce
This looks so amazing ❤️
Åsa Karlsson
Åsa Karlsson 5 aylar önce
Im already watching Harry Potter 1 now! LOVE the books and LOVE the movies!
Ryan Foster
Ryan Foster 6 aylar önce
Time flies so fast but i still love this fictional world of magic and all those characters from the bottom of my heart.
Etheral101 6 aylar önce
Imagine not inviting Tolkien to LOTR anniversary if he was still alive.
Hemske 5 aylar önce
@M.B. I'm sure she'd be more than welcome lol she probably declined, stop trying to make everything about feminism.
M.B. 5 aylar önce
@Mahesh Goswami Jfc stop replying this everywhere and upvoting yourself. Google it, you're on the internet. Or God forbid read the description under the video.
M.B. 5 aylar önce
He was a man so they wouldn't just throw him away like they threw away Rowling for wanting safety and spaces for women.
Mahesh Goswami
Mahesh Goswami 5 aylar önce
It will be a movie , show or what ???
Just Some Lunatic Without A Mustache
Just Some Lunatic Without A Mustache 6 aylar önce
It's been years ever since I first watched HP but I still get the chills when I hear that theme. I love it
愛अविनाश झा
愛अविनाश झा 5 aylar önce
That hit our nerves man 😍😍😍
Kristen Rodgers
Kristen Rodgers 6 aylar önce
it's my ringtone. I get a little excited every time I actually take my phone off vibrate, and hear it ring lmaoooo
Waeil Shaikh
Waeil Shaikh 6 aylar önce
Same here... Always the great things make u feel....
erick staehnke
erick staehnke 6 aylar önce
@Riya Chand every time I hear the melody I feel some unknown electricity.
Riya Chand
Riya Chand 6 aylar önce
I get chilled when I hear the melody at first it’s so nostalgic
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 5 aylar önce
happiness, and it changes your emotions for good. I cried when I heard about the reunion. I am looking forward to watching it
AIVaults 5 aylar önce
I can write it down that this show will never get old
Shivasai Mudhiraj
Shivasai Mudhiraj 5 aylar önce
Started with books ended with movies and still waiting for it🤩
Lightning Gamer
Lightning Gamer 5 aylar önce
It will be delightful to see Evanna joining alongside the others during this premiere! I can’t wait ☺️
•Always Barcelona•
•Always Barcelona• 6 aylar önce
TRpost is probably the closest we'd ever get to a time machine. So nostalgic
Broke Guy
Broke Guy 5 aylar önce
@Oregon Crow So you're a literal Crow?
Oregon Crow
Oregon Crow 5 aylar önce
@Broke Guy Name checks out. Hope you find peace one day before it's to late.
marius kristensen
marius kristensen 5 aylar önce
Sure I've got time im ready to go we're do you want to go
Dhana Shankar Sadi
Dhana Shankar Sadi 5 aylar önce
@marius kristensen I too want a ride on your time machine please call me
JinHit Entertainment manager 😁💜
JinHit Entertainment manager 😁💜 5 aylar önce
@marius kristensen ok
Heather Wright
Heather Wright 6 aylar önce
So excited to see this! Started to rewatch the Harry Potter movies again on HBO Max. =D
Lyla Piper
Lyla Piper 5 aylar önce
Growing up, I was absolutley OBSESSED with Harry Potter, and I am now a 16 year old, and I decide to rewatch the movies the other night, and I got myself obsessed AGAIN. I CANT wait to see the "band back together"
Rajwardhan Deore
Rajwardhan Deore 5 aylar önce
This series made my childhood memorable
den jo
den jo 5 aylar önce
My dream is that they make a new series with new unknown actors, each book a season (eventually 2 seasons for the large books), and each episode about 40 minuts, with stages as beautiful as the books 😁
Gulzaib Khan
Gulzaib Khan 6 aylar önce
Part of a legacy and shaping up of who I have become today after all those amazing magical years the HP franchise offered us ♥️♥️♥️ potterhead forever ♥️♥️
Düşünemiyorum öyleyse yokum
Düşünemiyorum öyleyse yokum 5 aylar önce
And 20 years later I got weird when the Harry Potter music started. Yes! Harry Potter starts again The iconic trio is back
Josephine Ariella
Josephine Ariella 6 aylar önce
No matter how much I love Avengers/Star Wars/Fast&Furious/Jurassic Park, Harry Potter would always be the best series in my life♥
dolita windo
dolita windo 5 aylar önce
“Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.” - JK Rowling
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Kuş Uçuşu | Resmi Fragman | Netflix
Netflix Türkiye
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