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Billy (Andy Garcia) and Ingrid (Gloria Estefan) are surprised when their eldest daughter Sofia (Adria Arjona) comes home to Miami for a visit, announcing a new boyfriend, Adan (Diego Boneta)-who is now her fiancé-and their plans for a wedding and a new life together in Mexico. Family relationships are tested as the roller coaster ride of wedding planning races toward the altar. This sparkling story of a modern rom-com updated from a timeless classic illustrates the surprising and funny ways the heart can adapt in the name of love.
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Youtube CommentsOnly
Youtube CommentsOnly 14 gün önce
Please upload : 1. TALES FROM THE CRYPT 2. DREAM ON 3. Hitchhiker 4. AND THE 80S & 90S CATALOGUS
kylepop 9 gün önce
I’m blessed to see this kind of movie making a comeback. It’s giving wholesome, simply, friendly 2000’s romcom and I am here for it
BeantownBrandon 17 gün önce
This actually looks charming and fun. I can’t wait I love movies like the original one and meet the parents
Диана Певцова
Диана Певцова 15 gün önce
I legitimately am a little impressed by the new stuff they're doing with the story; the parents secretly going through a divorce during their daughter's engagement, that's fresh and it ups the conflict. Interesting.
AiCDragon 17 gün önce
Steve Martins was a remake as well. Are u speaking of the original original? Lol
MicMak 17 gün önce
Which film are you referring to when you say the original? I ask because the film with Steve Martin is also a remake. The original came out in 1950.
TheDeadred123 17 gün önce
This movie looks like it could be really fun and charming. Solid cast and solid material to pull from. Part of me just wishes Hollywood would just produce a car with a steering wheel that doesn’t fly off when you’re driving
Kris LV
Kris LV 10 gün önce
I don’t get it..you mean everything they do is over the top?
Glenn Thorpe
Glenn Thorpe 12 gün önce
Comments like this make me think you probably love your mother-in-law
Jane Perry
Jane Perry 15 gün önce
I like the way you think!!
kaduzy 10 gün önce
At first I rolled my eyes that it was yet another remake, but I love this concept. It'll be great seeing it through the lens of a different culture. And the cast looks great. I'm in!
Clementina Bautista
Clementina Bautista 6 gün önce
Exactly what I was thinking!
Samantha L
Samantha L 11 gün önce
I thought this would be a horrible remake but this actually looks fun!!!!
Tabbylover55 10 gün önce
This looks like a cute take on the classic movie, and the cast looks good too! Didn't expect to laugh that much during the trailer, so I'm looking forward to this.
JENDALL714 9 gün önce
Again? This movie has already been done, several times, in the 50's and in the 90's twice!
ZakuroWolfAlpha SilverWolf
ZakuroWolfAlpha SilverWolf 14 gün önce
Ok I’m just gonna say this right now! I reeeeeeeeeally hope the parents get together in the end!!! I REALLY want that!!!
Belle Epoque
Belle Epoque 12 gün önce
Finally, a watcheable movie! Bonus points for having Andy Garcia as the dad
bles_sing 9 gün önce
so truuu 😤😭
Birdie 17 gün önce
YES! My 2 favorites together! Why NOT a remake? It's different and funny! ❤️
AiCDragon 17 gün önce
Steve Martins was a successful remake...so why not?
Kal El
Kal El 16 gün önce
I don't feel the vibe. Still like the classic. Steve Martin was a legend.
Kal El
Kal El 15 gün önce
@Kyla Armstrong-Benjamin really?.... Oh yeah. 1950 my dad was not even born yet. I can't call that classic. I will have to call it ancient.
Kyla Armstrong-Benjamin
Kyla Armstrong-Benjamin 16 gün önce
Yes he certainly is! But he's not in the original "classic" version. The classic had Elizabeth Taylor. The Steve Martin version is a remake. But just as awesome
Valentina 17 gün önce
I would propose to Diego Boneta too if I’m being honest.
Misce Llaneous
Misce Llaneous 8 gün önce
When I saw the title, I thought, jeez, how many times are they going to remake this movie, but like others have already said, it actually looks good and different enough to be worth a watch.
Chief Salvaje
Chief Salvaje 17 gün önce
I'm mostly watching this movie because Isabela Merced's in it but I can't wait to see what it has to offer 🔥🔥
nopunksalive 16 gün önce
Looks like it honors the spirit of the martin movie while also treading it's own path. 👍
Pablo M.
Pablo M. 11 gün önce
@LegendaryKing I watched it and I couldn’t relate. It was fun but not relatable. Same for the sequel.
LegendaryKing 15 gün önce
1991 felt like the regular american family everyone can relate, not like this ridiculous "rich" families meeting 🙄
Great to see Isabela Merced's new style. Astonishing 🎶
Nya S
Nya S 10 gün önce
Love the original and this looks like it would be fun. And then there's Gloria Estefan!
Boingo 17 gün önce
The original is the best and there was no need for a remake but this looks fun and interesting
freelightway 5 gün önce
@AiCDragon I am sure these ignorant people they just want to complaint.
SenSen 12 gün önce
@AiCDragon "A camp in Nova Scotia so he can fish for some horrible salmon or something!"
Yout Span
Yout Span 15 gün önce
Oh, you love it too? Where can you watch the original from 1950? It's so hard to find!
AiCDragon 17 gün önce
The 1950s original? Wonder what woulda happened had they not remade it w Steve Martin
Claudinei Oliveira
Claudinei Oliveira 17 gün önce
Gloria Estefan can do anything!! 😍👑
jason tjan
jason tjan 17 gün önce
Yes she does!🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
candace williams
candace williams 10 gün önce
At first I was like 'god no not another remake' but I think this will be a cute movie. And hey Andy Garcia is still looking mighty fine
verbalassault87 11 gün önce
As a fan of all the originals this looks so good!!
omosomi omomia
omosomi omomia 13 gün önce
Here for Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan…wow…been a minute since they graced our screens! “What is he? A Bond villain?!” Lol
Francene Komsa
Francene Komsa 7 gün önce
I love Andy Garcia and would watch him in anything....this movies looks adorable. I' m in
Muna B
Muna B 17 gün önce
I loved both Steve Martin film's and I'm going to try this one too
SirPatrick 11 gün önce
I was hoping to see father of the bride where McKenzie became father of the bride. Full circle.
Melisa Pezant
Melisa Pezant 15 gün önce
I love it !! It looks like it’s gonna be a good one !!
Jill Whitcomb
Jill Whitcomb 7 gün önce
The original Father of the Bride film was released in 1950, with Elizabeth Taylor playing the daughter, and Spencer Tracy playing the Dad.
Asma Ch
Asma Ch 7 gün önce
I love it when the trailer tells you the whole story of the movie 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Kristina Zubic
Kristina Zubic 6 gün önce
We already know the story. It’s like A Star Is Born. We know what happens, it’s the third time, we watch to see HOW it happens this time.
Cesar Perez
Cesar Perez 17 gün önce
This looks really good. I’m excited for it
Freddy Moná
Freddy Moná 10 gün önce
Curioso ver a Gloria Estefan actuar, creo que sería la segunda vez. La primera fue Music from the heart de 1999 con Maryl Streep. Me hace recordar la curiosa vez que Celia Cruz actuó en una película de Warner: Mambo’kings de 1992
FOODIE ACADEMY 23 16 gün önce
It's been ages that I have seen Andy Garcia after Ocean's 12 and Godfather Part 3 .. I didn't know he was into comedy roles .. I think it's a big responsibility stepping into the shoes of Steve Martin as I loved both the Father of the bride parts ...
Carma Rasmussen
Carma Rasmussen 2 gün önce
He was also in Book Club. He is one fine looking gentleman 😉
Jovan Olague
Jovan Olague 2 gün önce
He was in Mamma Mia 2
MarLa 12 gün önce
Finally! Cubans playing Cubans.
Republic of Texas
Republic of Texas 17 gün önce
Okay, this actually looks "freshened up." I'm watching this.
Chloe Sheler
Chloe Sheler 8 gün önce
I like that they aren’t copying the original and are handling the opposite changes properly. Can’t wait!
Eve Holmes
Eve Holmes 11 gün önce
This is one of those movies where you know the entire plot from the beginning. But ist so feel good that you don’t care and enjoy it nonetheless
Riva isforeverignored
Riva isforeverignored 11 gün önce
I just wish Franck was here too! Literally the jewel of the series!
Karen Pullar
Karen Pullar 10 gün önce
When they said "wedding planner" I was immediately "please, please let it be Franck" but sadly no.
Deb Lopez
Deb Lopez 2 gün önce
Sooo ready for this!
Stacy Wiley
Stacy Wiley 16 gün önce
Gloria Estefan and Andy Garcia perfect team for remake version Father of The Bride with a little latin flair.
Alex Fast
Alex Fast 17 gün önce
If Ruben Rabasa doesn't say, "Now you have to marry your mother in law" in this then WHAT ARE WE EVEN DOING.
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy 12 gün önce
This seems like such fun! 👏🏽
Dark Nemesis
Dark Nemesis 13 gün önce
This is gonna be hilarious. I can’t wait
bofo85 17 gün önce
No wonder she’s the one that proposed to her boyfriend, that’s Luis Miguel lol
Valentina 17 gün önce
JAJAJAJJAJAJAJJJAJ i would propose too if it was Diego Boneta
Republic of Texas
Republic of Texas 17 gün önce
Oh shi-- I didn't even notice that 😳
Esined Ordaz
Esined Ordaz 9 gün önce
Yay I can't wait to see it!!!!!
Trina Q
Trina Q 17 gün önce
I can't wait for this movie, having been a fan of the original 90's films.
Athul Nair
Athul Nair 12 gün önce
@ls111553 yeah we're rebooting reboots now
ls111553 17 gün önce
That's not the original.
ArgChica 10 gün önce
I am here for Gloria!!!! And andy!!!
Albert Sebastian
Albert Sebastian 8 gün önce
Steve Martin’s “Father if the Bride” is much funnier
Jasmeen Dhaliwal
Jasmeen Dhaliwal 10 gün önce
Some movies don’t need reboots.. please!!! This could’ve been a beautiful original script but now I’m constantly thinking how this movie doesn’t live up to the original!
Lulubelle 9 gün önce
This is a remake of a remake
Miranda 8 gün önce
SO GLAD to see Gloria Estefan!
Joyous T800
Joyous T800 15 gün önce
So a remake of a remake, Hollywood doesn’t have anything else to do, also I feel I have watched the whole movie in the trailer alone
Ariel fangirl Mendez
Ariel fangirl Mendez 17 gün önce
Im so gonna watch this movie
BP Dynasty
BP Dynasty 13 gün önce
This actually kind of looks good!
Paul Miller
Paul Miller 18 saatler önce
Over the top weddings seem to out of touch, but I'm here for the reimagined cast.
Rodrigo Marcuschi
Rodrigo Marcuschi 17 gün önce
So nice of WB to show the full movie! I found it quite short, if compared to other movies, but really loved it though. Solid story, solid acting, A+ all around.
phantomvideowatcher 8 gün önce
😂😂😂right?! My fav part was when the dad and his new son in law bonded.
jason tjan
jason tjan 17 gün önce
Shintaro Khorieh LOL 😳😳😳
Shintaro Khorieh
Shintaro Khorieh 17 gün önce
@jason tjan No , he’s lying
jason tjan
jason tjan 17 gün önce
You already have seen this movie?
Naussicaa Regis
Naussicaa Regis 11 gün önce
Can't wait!
Mauricio Graham
Mauricio Graham 9 gün önce
This looks really good!!
Subterranean Homesick Alien
Subterranean Homesick Alien 9 gün önce
When her boyfriend was at the door I thought he was the tinder swindler.. Immediately thought oh this going to be very different from the previous father of the bride🤣
Kike Colunge
Kike Colunge 11 gün önce
Remakes nobody asked for... 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ We want a sequel
Rosie 15 gün önce
Cubans in the house 💖
Truitt O'Neal
Truitt O'Neal 4 gün önce
I really wouldn’t call this a remake at all. Seems like the premise and storyline are different enough to say that it’s similar but definitely not the same.
Shumail's Universe
Shumail's Universe 16 gün önce
Thank god, a reboot is different for the first time lol. And it seems like it will be more about the father instead of the father and son in law relationship in previous movies
laprimaverrra 7 gün önce
I'm a simple girl. I see Gloria and Andy in the thumbnail, I click. This better be fun!
Play With Vee!
Play With Vee! 17 gün önce
This looks like it’ll be amazing, I can’t wait!!!! Not to mention Mr. Garcia looks so handsome and cute 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
MB Online
MB Online Gün önce
Only here for Andy Garcia! Not a fan of remakes that are classics, but we'll see.
Goannalizard 15 gün önce
What is he, a Bond villain? 😂😂😂
Amy Burt
Amy Burt 17 gün önce
This looks so good, but it shouldn't be a remake- why isn't it just it's own thing?? Stop doing this!
AiCDragon 17 gün önce
Steve Martins was a frickin remake genius
Estrellitawilliams 17 gün önce
Dianne Dixon - TeXXic
Dianne Dixon - TeXXic 12 gün önce
Ohh, this looks great!
Maria Rincon
Maria Rincon 9 gün önce
Nothing beats the Steve Martin version
patricio rodriguez
patricio rodriguez 17 gün önce
Gloria Stefan is gorgeous 😍
John Powell
John Powell 17 gün önce
No...stop remaking old movies!! The old movies are perfect
J LV 2 gün önce
@John Powell you have problems with remakes yet your "original" is a remake too and might I add an even closer copy than this new iteration. I think you should reply with logic instead of straight up anger, takes more brain cells but definitely less emotional energy.
John Powell
John Powell 2 gün önce
@J LV the 80's movie is my original...you have a problem with that?
J LV 4 gün önce
@John Powell the original was made in the 50s
John Powell
John Powell 16 gün önce
@AiCDragon 80's movie
AiCDragon 17 gün önce
How dare they remake a 50s movie
julia18 10 gün önce
Finally now people can come to Him accept them justice He could’ t refuse a request on his daughter's wedding day
Trailers 2021
Trailers 2021 14 gün önce
This feels like Our Family Wedding vibes and I"m Down
Chief Salvaje
Chief Salvaje 11 gün önce
Sumgai 16 gün önce
Had me at Gloria Estefan.
Brian Diggs
Brian Diggs 16 gün önce
Why call it "Father of the Bride" I think this movie can hold on its own with another title.
apch13 17 gün önce
jason tjan
jason tjan 17 gün önce
This would be the reason for me to make a subscription to HBO♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Le Visionnaire
Le Visionnaire 12 gün önce
Just perfect
Alco yet
Alco yet 14 gün önce
Muy buena pinta tienee 😉👍🏽🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦
Suhotra Tripathi
Suhotra Tripathi 15 gün önce
OMG yes remake for one of the most iconic movies ever
malikka narang
malikka narang 10 saatler önce
I just can't get around this one's vibe! Miss the old one
Sarah-Jane Abt
Sarah-Jane Abt 15 gün önce
Why did they have to give it the title “Father of the Bride”. Why can’t it stand alone? Nothing can compare to the original haha
Kris LV
Kris LV 10 gün önce
@Ryan O haha good one 😂
Ryan O
Ryan O 14 gün önce
original from 1950?
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