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The Doom Patrol isn’t done with the weird just yet! See what the team’s been up to in Season 2, starting with 3 new episodes.
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Doom Patrol Season 2 | Official Trailer | HBO Max

swaebeats616 Yıl önce
The character development in this show is next level. 🦾🔥
GrandmasterofWin Yıl önce
Seriously this is a character drama about mental health and overcoming trauma, disguised as an action hero show. It's incredible.
Tigon Yıl önce
BIG FACTS!!! 😩🔥🔥
Senju8 Yıl önce
This is really the show legends is trying to be but just can’t do. This show is able to pull off the crazy and the weird because it also handles the pain, suffering and growth. This show is amazing and strange and I can’t wait for its return
Icy Cold Hands
Icy Cold Hands 10 aylar önce
Legends comes off as really cringy and try hard to me
Kay Kay
Kay Kay 11 aylar önce
I wouldn't say Legends is trying to be this show because they've been doing wacky stuff even before doom patrol but doom patrol just had crazier stuff than Legends
Khushi Sharma
Khushi Sharma Yıl önce
Ikr!!! It is so underrated though. This is by far one of the best superhero shows ever!! The crazy and sad is handled amazingly!!
simply the best 2k
simply the best 2k Yıl önce
It's because you got to focus on the characters more than cliches, social political stuff and so forth. When you can relate to another human all that shit doesn't matter.
Albert Lopez
Albert Lopez Yıl önce
@Forever Done i disagree but i respect ur opinion.
Doomsday Paradox
Doomsday Paradox Yıl önce
This show is so much fun. Doesn’t takes itself very seriously.
@Spider Jerusalem it’s not CW
Logen M
Logen M Yıl önce
I think it knows how to balance the wacky comic book elements with the more serious tone of it's somewhat grounded characters. So I would say it knows how to be serious and have fun.
talentleesdorito 9
talentleesdorito 9 Yıl önce
@Toganium I like both
Toganium Yıl önce
I kind of prefer it when it _does_ take itself seriously. Then it tells stories about trauma, isolation, abuse, neglect, etc.
Se Ar
Se Ar Yıl önce
This is the most underrated TV series ever. The thought, research and imagination put into every scene is incredible, hope it gains more popularity over time so it has the opportunity to shoot more seasons.
Big Ulf
Big Ulf Yıl önce
@Will No, he came in for episode 2 and rallied them together american football style to get into action, but the baseline for the problem they had to solve was the Chief's disappearance which happened before Cyborg came into the picture.
Will Yıl önce
@Big Ulf They didnt shoehorn Cyborg in there at all. He literally is the reason Season 1 happened in terms of plot.
Se Ar
Se Ar Yıl önce
@Big Ulf I didn't know that although it doesn't surprise me. It's hard to not get inspiration from existing pieces in the era we're in, but thanks for educating me!
Big Ulf
Big Ulf Yıl önce
TBH they mostly took stories from the Grant Morrison run and shoehorned the flashy superhero Cyborg in there (who I could do without) - but the show is indeed awesome
The BadGuy
The BadGuy Yıl önce
Almost 2 million view on the trailer, I'm really happy the show getting the attention that it deserves
Elvis 198
Elvis 198 Yıl önce
It's only been out for about 3 days. It's already 3rd most watched trailer on this TRpost channel. It will be the most viewed trailer on this channel since the #1 trailer took 1 month to get 3.8 million this one took 3 days.
witchcrafft Yıl önce
Doom Patrol is the literal embodiment of a comic book.
Jonas Felisilda
Jonas Felisilda Yıl önce
That's every grant moorison comics.
Cosmic Soul
Cosmic Soul Yıl önce
Can't wait for Cliff's hilarious reactions to weird stuff, and Larry and Jane's interactions with each other. I hope Flex is a permanent member of the team this season.
Beckett Papa
Beckett Papa Yıl önce
I am so happy this masterpiece of a show is coming back!
John Tucker
John Tucker Yıl önce
The billboard Cliff was launched through was for a bestselling autobiography by Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man. His dinosaur side. Who identifies as a woman (Denise). I love a show that commits that hard to a running gag!
강병민 Yıl önce
Graphic and gripping - Gerard Way 😆
Tutaleni Ilonga
Tutaleni Ilonga Yıl önce
This is easily one of DC's best shows in the last 3 years
MicahDarkFantasy Yıl önce
Wow. This looks better than the other live action DC shows I’ve seen in the past!
Good Boy
Good Boy Yıl önce
What about Lucifer Netflix? No one seems to know here that Its also a dc tv series
Howyaduing Yıl önce
@Dark God Darkseid Don’t give into much hope to swap thing it’s on the CW so...
Cyvader Yıl önce
It is Best live action dc show ever
Ryan macharika
Ryan macharika Yıl önce
I like Watchmen, I think it's the best superhero show period, DC or Marvel
MCMXXI Yıl önce
Wayyy better
kindred nerds United
kindred nerds United Yıl önce
I can't wait for this its going to be fun seing this guys again
Endless Summer Pictures
Endless Summer Pictures Yıl önce
@K Matt we are kids in our mommy's basement? You're a funny one. We weren't the ones to get all pissed off in the section of a show trailer. Keep crying, you "proud Trump supporter".
Daniel Amade
Daniel Amade Yıl önce
@K Matt here we have the average conservative, unable to grasp that being locked in the basement by their parents didn't happen to everyone else.
Ruben De la Cruz
Ruben De la Cruz Yıl önce
Michael Marquez
Michael Marquez Yıl önce
Same, I’m honestly excited I’ve watched this shows since 2018, 2018 right? I forgot the year but whatever it’s gonna be amazing
Canei McDonald
Canei McDonald Yıl önce
The best and mostly criminally underrated superhero show on TV right now in these dark ass times. The Arrowverse shows on The CW can't even compare.
The Partisan13
The Partisan13 10 aylar önce
@Steven Pounsett I'll agree with that.
Khushi Sharma
Khushi Sharma Yıl önce
I agree!! Legends is good, but it tries too hard I think. Some of the weird and crazy just doesn't seem to fit sometimes. However Doom Patrol balances the crazy with amazing in depth character developments and relationships.
lstarsabb Yıl önce
It's the best because they didn't put any stupid love storylines in. It always turns when the hero gets the girl because their relationship is always the main focus
JackN16 Yıl önce
Its not underrated because everyone loves it but not enough people watch it
timje 22
timje 22 Yıl önce
@Sharil Shahed People don't give legends the credit it deserved imo, it's not an amazing show but it is great imo. The flash went downhill after season 2, but season 6 was a huge step forward imo. Supergirl has been mediocre since day 1 and i haven't seen Batwoman. Oh and Arrow had a great run except for season 3-4 and 6
TITANMAN251 Yıl önce
I love This Show Let's Go!
BoomCore Yıl önce
Me to
TOTOS 74 Yıl önce
@HBO Max where is the green lantern tv show
Darren Khosasi
Darren Khosasi Yıl önce
Kite Man is in the series
tigerbaby Yıl önce
@HBO Max when's swamp thing season 2 coming
Pェssmaker Yıl önce
Go where?
Tater Totinski
Tater Totinski Yıl önce
I’m so happy/grateful/excited for another season of Doom Patrol. This show is everything I want from television. I hope it goes for 10 seasons!!!
Stephen Martin
Stephen Martin Yıl önce
In every episode I said WTF at the weirdness but laughed my ass off too. Great show!!
Kayla Ann
Kayla Ann Yıl önce
This season is incredible!! we are only 5 episodes in and I am absolutely amazed. ❤️
Iron Freaking Wolf
Iron Freaking Wolf Yıl önce
I can't wait for Season 2, I loved Season 1
Dark God Darkseid
Dark God Darkseid Yıl önce
Best superhero show on tv. Let’s go!
Sonic Man
Sonic Man Yıl önce
@King Sharp Nah
King Sharp
King Sharp Yıl önce
History & Mythology Explained
History & Mythology Explained Yıl önce
Doom Patrol is great and also Daredevil and The Boys
Kermit The Frog
Kermit The Frog Yıl önce
@Edry Fitri then why are you here
Edry Fitri
Edry Fitri Yıl önce
Cringe show
bryce b
bryce b Yıl önce
This show combines that awesome weirdness and quirk factor along with the serious shit like pain, and growth; most superhero shows just use the weird and quirk to their base, and that doesn’t work (cough, CW, cough) but hey, Gotham was really good and this is really good too
Christofer Lopez
Christofer Lopez Yıl önce
This show is so amazing, perfect mix of action, comedy and drama, I cant wait
Eren Yeager
Eren Yeager Yıl önce
Abdelmouttaleb Azeddine
Abdelmouttaleb Azeddine Yıl önce
Doom Patrol is the Comic Book Show of the past 10 Years. Change my mind.
Knightfall182 10 aylar önce
@lifeline. What the hell? Negative Man wasn't Gay in the comics. He was even in love with Rita in them.
lifeline. 10 aylar önce
@Knightfall182 a character being lgbt or not doesn’t make a show better. negative man has always been gay. they don’t just make these characters up for shows and movies. they’re comic book characters
Iceland is a cool country
Iceland is a cool country Yıl önce
@Alex yeah
Alex Yıl önce
Does umbrella academy count?
Iceland is a cool country
Iceland is a cool country Yıl önce
The Boys is arguably the best superhero TV series out rn
stacy. 3467
stacy. 3467 Yıl önce
This show is absolutely amazing and fantastic, can't wait for s2
Anakin C.
Anakin C. Yıl önce
One of the best comic book adaptations right now. I hope this season will be just as great as the first one.
HeyLookImGerman Yıl önce
I'm so glad that I discovered (and finished) this show this week. I'm even happier finding out the new season comes out next week.
Rafael Matheus
Rafael Matheus Yıl önce
To ansiosaaaaa😍😍😍😍 melhor série da historia! 😍😍😍😍😍
Alex Baker
Alex Baker Yıl önce
Doom Patrol is my favorite show, can’t wait to see what season 2 brings
Tariq Jacobs
Tariq Jacobs Yıl önce
Just finished season 1, looking forward to season 2 soon. It's a weird, crazy storyline with likable R-rated characters who are insane. Binging the show is the only way to watch it. Clint Mansell score is on point!
Chor Lau Heung
Chor Lau Heung Yıl önce
This looks likes a wickedly-exciting series to binge on. The characters are all captivating and intriguing at the same time. Timothy Dalton (aka James Bond) is fit for the role he portrays. Great to see him back on screen. Have not seen much of his onscreen appearances since "The Living Daylights," and "Licence to Kill."
Raghu Seetharaman
Raghu Seetharaman Yıl önce
Wow this trailer looks really good. Cinematic quality.
@nommy CW are really cringe
The Coon
The Coon Yıl önce
@nommy But why do they need to have 23 episodes each episode. They run out of plot they need to fill it with forced drama and bad CGi.
nommy Yıl önce
@Spider Jerusalem Why is there always the need to put the CW down? The writing definitely deserves criticism but the network can't do anything about their shows having a significantly smaller budget compared to HBO/DC bankrolled shows. They work with what they've got.
Spider Jerusalem
Spider Jerusalem Yıl önce
because it's not CW
Kingdom hearts forever!
Kingdom hearts forever! Yıl önce
Seriously can’t wait for this! Season 1 was just brilliant I thought and I loved how meta the humour is too!
KimAckerman 21
KimAckerman 21 Yıl önce
I'm so excited!! I'm happy I finished watching the show like a month ago. Robotman was definitely my favorite with Mr Nobody, does anyone know if he'll be back?
Aaron Southan
Aaron Southan Yıl önce
I'm pretty sure he'll be back for season 3. But it makes sense they would want to put him to the side for now to focus on new villains like Dr Tyme, Red Jack and Candlemaker.
KimAckerman 21
KimAckerman 21 Yıl önce
@slink bradshaw aw that's a shame. He was amazing in the previous season. Like you said hopefully he returns on the next.
slink bradshaw
slink bradshaw Yıl önce
I believe I read an article saying Alan Tudyk was just too busy to return for season 2. Hopefully we get something though, he was such a great villain
Ian R. Nava Huber
Ian R. Nava Huber Yıl önce
If doom patrol and legends of tomorrow ever do a crossover, that would be a moment to geek out and wait for the insanity to unfold
El Kapitan
El Kapitan Yıl önce
Love this show! How I wish Swamp Thing would come back for season 2 as well!
Funk Mate
Funk Mate Yıl önce
I waited for so long for this! I had started to think this is not going to come until this pandemic ends. So happy to see this! I'M EXCITED!!
Cody Gremlin
Cody Gremlin Yıl önce
Me returning as the "Gothic Dannyzen" from Season 1 opening of Episode 08 (Danny Patrol) for Danny Street. Me @ 1:24 I am ECSTATIC to seeing the entirety of this brand new season! Working with the actors was AMAZING such down to earth human beings! it's one thing to see it from a screen perspective, a whole different realm being there, living it..being a part of it's magic come to life! Namaste...
Hrithik Joshi
Hrithik Joshi Yıl önce
Words alone cannot describe how much i loved the first season and how much im excited for the second one
Reijiro Sato
Reijiro Sato Yıl önce
the show i never expected i'd love the characters this much after getting introduced to season 1 a week ago. can't wait.
Detective Eli
Detective Eli Yıl önce
Doom Patrol is the best and if anything happens to Larry I will cry my heart out.
Temirlan Mussagaliyev
Temirlan Mussagaliyev Yıl önce
Can't wait for season 3! I hope it gets more episodes. I just can't get enough of Doom Patrol! Dorothy is adorable btw
substitue91 Yıl önce
i love Doom Patrol! This is the superheroes show that i never knew i wanted to see. I'm so hooked. And, Mr Dalton doesnt look like he's 74. The man ages like a fine wine.
anonimuso Yıl önce
This show was so good, and the second season looks amazing.
ConsistentlyStupid Yıl önce
Now HBO Max just needs to grab the rights to Swamp Thing, and I'll be subscribed to them forever.
Charlene F. Raymond
Charlene F. Raymond Yıl önce
Oh God, this looks just as ridiculous as season 1, I love it. Can't wait!!
This show looks so good! Been waiting for this to come out in the UK unfortunately it won't. Looks really good I want to watch it so bad.
Daniel Fidelcino
Daniel Fidelcino Yıl önce
Doom Patrol is the best!
Darren Khosasi
Darren Khosasi Yıl önce
Kite Man's name is on the billboard
Tja Pech
Tja Pech Yıl önce
This show is SO good and I can't wait for season 2!!!!
Martylaspy Yıl önce
I love 100 % this TV series
Christopher Cano
Christopher Cano Yıl önce
All of this looks amazing, I'm so glad we're getting a second season, but most importantly: FLEX! WE'RE GETTING MORE FLEX MENTALLO :D
David Chamorro
David Chamorro Yıl önce
I can't wait for it🔥
HBO Max Yıl önce
It's almost here 🙌
BaconManXD Yıl önce
I’m waiting for South Park on June 24.
M V Yıl önce
The energy of this show...impeccable
Alev Yıl önce
I love this show so much! Finally it's back
Swastik Yıl önce
Season 1 was phenomenal and mind bending. Hope Season 2 will be a step ahead its predecessor.
King Sharp
King Sharp Yıl önce
Lucy Stephanie: Properties & More
Lucy Stephanie: Properties & More 10 aylar önce
How did I miss this? I'm definitely gonna watch now.
Simon Delott
Simon Delott Yıl önce
Excited to see it! Season 1 was amazing. I'll be watching Season 2 on DC Universe, though, as HBO Max doesn't have a roku app yet and that's just way more convenient than watching on my PS4.
HEAVYMETALmovie1981 Yıl önce
Strange, action packed and hilarious. Looks like fun to me :-)
Kumar Ashish
Kumar Ashish Yıl önce
Can't wait for season 2 of my favourite DC show.
Shahrukh Yıl önce
Wow, just wow! I hope we get all episodes at once. Won't be able to wait for Doom Patrol anymore 😊😊😊
Merin Beena
Merin Beena Yıl önce
Glad Brendan Fraser is back and he's the lead actor!!!!
slink bradshaw
slink bradshaw Yıl önce
Hot damn I can't wait for this. Season 1 was one of the best seasons of TV I've seen in quite a long time...I laughed, i cried but mostly I said "Wtf?"
Adam Grunther
Adam Grunther Yıl önce
Marvel fan: WandaVision stands out as a comic book show far more than DC could ever dream of. Doom Patrol: Hold my fucking beer.
Adam Grunther
Adam Grunther 11 aylar önce
@_Sick5_ agreed.
_Sick5_ 11 aylar önce
Wanda vision was the worst out of all marvel shows tfatws and Loki are so much better
Marc Scott
Marc Scott Yıl önce
Totally agree Wandavision was straight trash, Doom Patrol is wayyy better lol.
Freddy Bishop
Freddy Bishop Yıl önce
They're both really great!
Interested In Stuff
Interested In Stuff Yıl önce
Everyone is saying what I want to say too. This show is underrated and why it isn't on everyone's radar has me beaten. The show manages to do the unexpected and bizarre in a way that doesn't feel like it is jammed in for laughs. The characters, although seriously off the wall, are 3 dimensional. They are solid and believable and I think we can all relate to their challenges and imperfections. Their powers and skills have all come at a high price. I love that the show has such chemistry between the actors too. Just a superb superb show. I am so glad it wasn't a one season wonder (which is what I thought it would be the first time around given there were a decent number of episodes).
mister may
mister may Yıl önce
I'm rewatching season 1 now in anticipation of season 2
Federico Ariel Sánchez
Federico Ariel Sánchez Yıl önce
I love with my very soul that it already looks even weirder and wilder than the first season, they had set a really high bar
Nikolay Iliev
Nikolay Iliev Yıl önce
Thank you DC and HBO for this awesome show! Cant wait
Micah Yıl önce
This is one of the best live-action shows based on a comic book. Absurdist humor done right.
CaseMeista MemeCast
CaseMeista MemeCast Yıl önce
I AM SO EXCITED!! I loved season 1 so much
Aiman Halim
Aiman Halim Yıl önce
expected the trailer to be more thrilling but it's okay, the first season was so good so i'm looking forward to see season 2!!
NyX Yıl önce
They managed to make this weird a*s show one of my favorite shows. I didn't expect it
Big Smoke
Big Smoke Yıl önce
Im so excited for this can't wait for it to come out
Sanjay Pratap Singh
Sanjay Pratap Singh Yıl önce
Wow, this looks better than the other live action DC show's lve seen in the post I loved it ♥️
Prashant Didule
Prashant Didule Yıl önce
Whole world is Sleeping on this Masterpiece.
Do not disturb
Do not disturb Yıl önce
I want to see Bumblebee and VOX in season 3, they were a part of doom patrol in the comics, so yh please add them in.
Southern White Boy
Southern White Boy Yıl önce
I Can't wait! I'm a HBO MAX Subscriber, and Doom Patrol is one of my favorite shows
Axel sáenz
Axel sáenz Yıl önce
Amo esta serie es la mejor la amo!!!
Madison Toliver
Madison Toliver Yıl önce
HailHydra42O Yıl önce
Is it still going to ALSO be available on DC Universe? Or just HBO Max? Ugh I love this show so much can’t wait!😭❤️
The Bellcaptain
The Bellcaptain Yıl önce
There are 2 moments during crisis on infinite earths that I genuinely cheered for. Ezra flash and then the finale seeing these beloved idiots safe and sound.
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