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From the mind of Roald Dahl and as reimagined by acclaimed filmmaker Robert Zemeckis, The Witches is a wickedly fun adventure as a young boy stumbles onto a secret coven of child-hating witches as they plot to turn the world’s children into mice. A fresh Halloween classic for this generation, in a story that celebrates courage, teamwork, and unlikely heroes, offering a completely distinct kids proposition with a quirky, delightfully twisted tone in classic Dahl style.
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The Witches | Official Trailer | HBOMax

Elizabeth Avila
Elizabeth Avila Yıl önce
As long they make the witches look horribly horrifying under theirs wigs and mask, I’ll be happy! Cause that scene when they revealed their true faces scared the hell out of me as a kid!
Expose Evil
Expose Evil Yıl önce
The grandmother was a voodoo priestess in the new one. Voodoo is from west Africa Ifa traditions.
Elizabeth Avila
Elizabeth Avila Yıl önce
@Alazander Buffington Damn....The original one was and still is spectacular! I’ll give it a try just see how different it is.
Elizabeth Avila
Elizabeth Avila Yıl önce
@Alazander Buffington But that is the whole point of the movie....awww man.
anthony luetmer
anthony luetmer Yıl önce
they can never achieve what Jim Henson did.
ilana Yıl önce
i feel like anne hathaway doesn’t age in every movie i see her in she looks the same lol
Anthony J. S.
Anthony J. S. Aylar önce
@Nicki She is only in her 30s....She is supposed to look young
Anthony J. S.
Anthony J. S. Aylar önce
@bored in the house She is inher 30s😂 Do you expect her to look 50 or something?
eno c aquaowo
eno c aquaowo 11 aylar önce
Well she started acting pretty young
Zaki Chan
Zaki Chan Yıl önce
Like tom cruise?
Erin Galbreath
Erin Galbreath Yıl önce
There are 2 Anjelica Huston characters that NO ONE can repeat, The Grand High Witch and Morticia Addams. They are forever hers.
Bonnie Roberts
Bonnie Roberts Yıl önce
@Addison Krupa exactly!! People are so brain dead nowadays
Maura Conticchio
Maura Conticchio Yıl önce
@Abdulganiyu Isa We have Alicia Vikander as Tomb Raider himself?
TheAVJ2 Yıl önce
Abdulganiyu Isa
Abdulganiyu Isa Yıl önce
@Michael Conticchio yes she played it in the animated movie
KB Collisionヅ
KB Collisionヅ Yıl önce
“A witch who dares to answer back must burn until her bones are black. A witch who dares to say I’m wrong will not be with us very long....” I love this book as a child.The Witches and Mathilda were my jam:)
Ellis Yıl önce
Great quote!!
deeplydeepali Yıl önce
The original with the story of the girl stuck in the painting was so scary.
nickdaman23 11 aylar önce
@deeplydeepali yeah he actually saved the baby. The grand high witch pushed the carriage and Luck ran and stopped it from rolling in the water before running away from the witches
D H Yıl önce
I absolutely hated the “goofy-horror” angle they took in the new movie, the old one had a much more subtle/creepy tone to it.
Mad-Hatter-ison Yıl önce
@deeplydeepali thank goodness for that, I was 8 when I watch it and spent most of my times looking away because my kid self would run away too
deeplydeepali Yıl önce
@Mad-Hatter-ison actually he saved the baby! I just watched a clip in TRpost. The high witch pushes the baby.
Juan Maldonado
Juan Maldonado Yıl önce
All the CGI in the world will never beat the make up job on Angelica Houston
°MidnightLioness° Yıl önce
2020 witches 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💞💞💞💞💞💞 I love
minnie babi
minnie babi Yıl önce
@꧁FlyAչnǤบy꧂ okay then go make a movie and try to do better
꧁FlyAչnǤบy꧂ Yıl önce
Just watched this and Anne Hathaway accent was horrendous in this one the original is far superior! 🤦‍♂️
minnie babi
minnie babi Yıl önce
Okay? They weren't trying to beat anything
musicalnerd8301 Yıl önce
Wow! One of my favorite books growing up. First we get a graphic novel adaptation, and now a new movie adaptation? I'm so hyped! The cast looks wonderful and it definitely has that whimsical Roald Dahl vibe to it. I also see what might be hints of the grandmother's backstory, interesting! Here's to hoping we see more Roald Dahl movies like Danny the Champion of the World. And yes, I know this is a remake. I'm open minded to this film. I love both versions of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory so who's to say I can't love this one?
Lucky Charm
Lucky Charm Yıl önce
This was my favorite movie as a child I can't wait to see the new twist they have on it, it looks really good! Takes me back to my childhood I'm 40 years old but I still watch the old witches that was a great movie anyone who hasn't seen it should sit down this Halloween with their children and watch it, it's really good
Victoria Taylor
Victoria Taylor Yıl önce
oh my god this was one of my favorite roald dahl books as a kid! i’m so glad they’re making a movie
Yeah that Guy
Yeah that Guy Yıl önce
The original was fantastic and one of my favorites! However, Anne Hathaway and Octavia Spencer are wonderful actors and they will bring their own personality to a holiday favorite. I am looking forward to it!
Lisette Oropesa
Lisette Oropesa Yıl önce
I'm glad this remake is coming out now. It'll make everyone go back and see what a masterpiece the original one was.
Champ Charmers
Champ Charmers Yıl önce
Remakes usually suck this looks so freaking good!!! Kinda weird seeing MA playing grandMA haha
abolo16 Yıl önce
I’m so excited that they remade this movie!!! I can’t wait to see it. I hope hope hope they still do the scene where they show what they really look like. Watching Angelica Huston (let me just fawn over Mrs. Adams really quick please) turn into this complete different and scary person made that movie amazing. So excited for this cast.
Fineapple Felicity
Fineapple Felicity Yıl önce
One of my favorite childhood favorites brought back to the big screen. I can’t wait to watch this with the family.
Luis Trejo
Luis Trejo Yıl önce
I really hope they have Ann look horrific as the grand witch like in the original!!
Michael Conticchio
Michael Conticchio Yıl önce
@Ivory Herman 2020 Grand High Witch is Character, I felt Girl cuter than Amy in the movie (Paul Blart Mall Cop)?
mikey moo
mikey moo Yıl önce
Yessss. And not so much damn CGI. The orginal was all practical effects and still holds up for the times.
Liana Soares
Liana Soares Yıl önce
Luis Trejo, I hope so, too. Anjelica's ugly witch form was the ugliest & coolest-looking with I've ever seen.
KimD Yıl önce
I LOVED this book as a kid ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Ms. Ghost
Ms. Ghost Yıl önce
Now, here's an idea... MAKE YOUR OWN DAMN MOVIE & STOP REMAKING MOVIES!! I'm so tired of watching my childhood movies being remade. It's unnecessary!! The Witches is a classic & will forever be a classic! No amount of CGI will EVER top the skilled make-up artists who worked on The Witches! I'm sorry to be so rude. However, why must classics be REMADE!!?? Where's the originality!!??
Ms. Ghost
Ms. Ghost Yıl önce
@Nicole Perdue -DHS- Baltimore City Are you an adult? I think your little snarky comments to everyone saying the same thing I am is childish! So, get over YOURSELF, Hunty 😉
Florence Kirkwood
Florence Kirkwood Yıl önce
I’m so excited for this ! I loved the original when I was a little girl !
Dayana Alvarado
Dayana Alvarado Yıl önce
The cast in this movie is amazing!! Can’t wait to see it!!!
Steven Alderley
Steven Alderley Yıl önce
I heard it was going to be a creepier version of the original but looks a bit softer. First one terrified me as a kid.
Curzed Blade
Curzed Blade Yıl önce
The og movie and book scared the living shits out of me when I was little
Majeh Yıl önce
This one looks like a comedy
Yungsav Yıl önce
Well you watched it as a kid 🤷🏾‍♂️ so hell yeah it terrified you lol
Dani Dreamybon
Dani Dreamybon Yıl önce
I just watched the original again recently, still traumatized 🤣
Lex C
Lex C Yıl önce
Old school movies didn’t pull punches for kids. They made sure everyone in the theater was scared.
Chris Rogers
Chris Rogers Yıl önce
Wow, that was one of my favorite movies when i was a child. They finally made a remake that looks worthy!
Mr. DeSomber
Mr. DeSomber Yıl önce
Sure the movie has it's flaws but Octavia Spencer is always a win
ashleigh williams
ashleigh williams Yıl önce
There’s nothing like the original I still say “bring me the child” 😂😂😂
Yx2k Kern
Yx2k Kern Yıl önce
I love this movie, can't wait to see the remake!!!
Michelle Forrester
Michelle Forrester Yıl önce
This looks pretty good. Love Octavia Spencer!
Frances Mask
Frances Mask Yıl önce
I love this movie as a kid back in the day. I think 3/ 4 th grade we read the book then later watched the movie. Im so happy to see this.❤😍🙏🏾
Tiffany and Co.
Tiffany and Co. Yıl önce
One of my favorites I’m positive my kids will enjoy this as much as I enjoyed the original
Joel Seymour
Joel Seymour Yıl önce
Hey, look. A remake to a perfectly good movie that nobody wanted or asked for. Shocking.
JJ Yıl önce
It's not a remake dummy. It's a different adaptation of a book, plus this movie actually stays loyal to the original story.
Joel Seymour
Joel Seymour Yıl önce
@Alicia Marek Buck no, Robert Zemeckis did. He was the one who directed the Back to the Future trilogy.
Scruff Zilla
Scruff Zilla Yıl önce
Not against remaking classic movies, but there’s no way these cheesy-looking CGI special effects will ever hold a candle to the amazing practical ones used in the original.
don't discriminate hate everyone equally
don't discriminate hate everyone equally Yıl önce
@Hewy Toonmore well the story seems weak as well. And it's impossible to ignore cgi especially when it's atrocious. To avoid that best to just read the book and let your mind decide how it looks.
don't discriminate hate everyone equally
don't discriminate hate everyone equally Yıl önce
@Grand Funk I honestly think they made this just to change the leads from white to black. Stupid reason but it's Hollywood so they are certainly not above doing stupid shit. Then when these movies fail what does that do for minorities? I'm fine with making new movies with people of any race but don't remake something just so you can use black people as a replacement. That's insulting to the black people, viewers, and the industry. Quality of the product should be first priority.
Nick Reyes
Nick Reyes Yıl önce
Hewy Toonmore
Hewy Toonmore Yıl önce
@Grand Funk That isn't what I meant! I mean people should like this movie for the story and not think about how fake the CGI is. I'm saying to go into this movie without thinking about the effects!!
Hewy Toonmore
Hewy Toonmore Yıl önce
Story telling is the most important, NOT effects.
Asianbeth Beth
Asianbeth Beth Yıl önce
It's been over 20 years. I am looking forward to this movie. Anne Hathaway being the great witch!
Malea Angulo
Malea Angulo Yıl önce
Angelica Huston is the only Grand High Witch.
Bonnie Roberts
Bonnie Roberts Yıl önce
@James Boulger her accent sounded terrible 😭
Fluffles Conticchio
Fluffles Conticchio Yıl önce
@KJ Beast I thought sounds like Morticia Addams in Addams Family (2019)?
minnie babi
minnie babi Yıl önce
She's one of the witches
Nancy O'Donnell
Nancy O'Donnell Yıl önce
Watched it again this weekend. No comparison. When Huston starts to gag at the thought of a child... unrepeatable. Anne is too sweet.
DavesHadeNuFF187 Yıl önce
I loved this back in the day,one of my favorites.The remake looks good,can't wait!!!
Lene Vee
Lene Vee Yıl önce
Spoiler Warning! I wonder if they plan on doing a part 2. I watched until the very last credit rolled because I was looking for the nice kids to turn back in their human form like the 1990s version.
Ms. Amy
Ms. Amy Yıl önce
So hard to try to fill the shoes of giants, like Jim Henson, Angelica Houston. 💜
Amy Vazquez
Amy Vazquez Yıl önce
I can't wait for this movie I love the original one I hope this one is good as well they have amazing actor's so I'm excited 😁 💗
Learning. Growing. 🌱
Learning. Growing. 🌱 Yıl önce
THIS LOOKS SOOO GOOD!!!!! My goodness, I'm excited. I love how she said a test is comin!! That's spiritual!!
The Chubby Hiker
The Chubby Hiker Yıl önce
This movie was so well done!! I wasn’t sure if I’d like it or not but I really enjoyed it. It’s well written, esthetically pleasing and just all around great! Two thumbs up!! 👍👍
Rachel Stopka
Rachel Stopka Yıl önce
Yes a good review I loved the movie too
Rachael M
Rachael M Yıl önce
After reading the book, I legit thought that my mom was a witch. She wore 2 out of the 3 identifiers: hats and pointed shoes. My dad had to talk me down. 😭 👠👒🧤👹
Rachael M
Rachael M Yıl önce
@Fiona O'Keefe that would be cool! But like a lot of kids, I felt different from everybody else, and I low-key believed that I was kidnapped by this family. LOL
Rachael M
Rachael M Yıl önce
@Desiree Garcia I was a kid. My frontal lobe wasn’t developed yet. 🤷🏽‍♀️ I read the book and watched the movie.
Fiona O'Keefe
Fiona O'Keefe Yıl önce
If your mama was a witch then that means you’re half witch half human and that would make you the 5th Charmed sister right after Paige🤔
Desiree Garcia
Desiree Garcia Yıl önce
The witches did not wear pointed shoes in the original
AG GP Yıl önce
Cinemundo Brasil
Cinemundo Brasil Yıl önce
Vai ser muito legal esse filme👀❤🇧🇷
Savvy Gal
Savvy Gal Yıl önce
Looks great! Loved this movie as a child. Only thing I wish they would’ve included was the purple eyes. I loved the purple eyes, if I remember correctly they are in the book as well.
Ashley Seaverson
Ashley Seaverson Yıl önce
They remade one of my favorite movies as a kid 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
jcsandals Yıl önce
When the original came out when I was a kid the most scariest thing ever was the idea of being stuck in a painting and growing up in it while my parents watched still shots of me getting older. The idea behind just those few seconds in the movie haunted me as a kid. I hope the impact is the same this go around.
Theravenandthedesk Yıl önce
Anybody else think of Everybody Hates Chris when they heard Chris Rock’s voiceover?
Clay Harmon
Clay Harmon Yıl önce
I accully like the voice-over
TheAVJ2 Yıl önce
i heard the choir
Yan OW
Yan OW Yıl önce
@sprmint-bkgsoda Hollywood mentality... if it works once it will work again... and again.
Sarah Baloch
Sarah Baloch Yıl önce
I did!
thinmint Yıl önce
Oh man... they’re remaking this? I loved this movie as a kid!!! I was afraid old ppl would turn me into a mouse too 🤣
Not Convinced
Not Convinced Yıl önce
Yes!!! I love this story! I’ve got goosebumps!!!
LaGruesa76 Yıl önce
This was one of my favorite movies of all time. I loved the original with Angelica Houston and Mr. Bean.
Lalala Yıl önce
OMG I LOVED the original one when I was a kid. This is going to be fkn epic! I’ve never lost my childlike wonder for films. I get so lost in them. Can’t wait!
Gee Garcia
Gee Garcia Yıl önce
Roughly 5 years ago when i saw the original on cable, I thought to myself..." Hmm im surprised they haven't remade/rebooted this movie yet." And now... Here it is. Anne Hathaway is not a bad actress... But There Will never, EVER, be a woman that can out-do what Angelica Huston did in that film. As a child, I legit thought she was a real life witch .
Christopher Betancourt
Christopher Betancourt Yıl önce
for me up until a couple of years ago I didn't even know there was a movie I read the book first also does anybody else want to see a movie of the twits The Magic Finger and danny the champion of the world and Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator
Gee Garcia
Gee Garcia Yıl önce
@claudette johnson point out where I said that. You may need an eye exam because I literally never said that. Again, for the 3rd time... All I said was that Angelica Huston was amazing in it and no one can out-do what she did as that character. That doesn't mean I said the new one will suck. It just means she set the bar real high.
Gee Garcia
Gee Garcia Yıl önce
@claudette johnsonno shit I havent seen it. No one has. And what the hell opinion are u referring to considering I made none other than Angelica Huston was a great actress in the original film.
srbumblediva Yıl önce
Angelica Houston is an awesome actress!
Ash Tree System
Ash Tree System Yıl önce
a lot of people did
Just Checking
Just Checking Yıl önce
I’m super excited this was one of my favorite movies as a kid
Fee Cee
Fee Cee Yıl önce
When I was a kid the original version scared the crap out of me! Looking forward to the updated version.💯💯
lordnmaster2 Yıl önce
The menacing orchestral cover of "I'll Be There" is fantastic.
Katice Harris
Katice Harris Yıl önce
I can’t believe they’re remaking this movie. It was one of my favorites as a kid.
R.D. Whitaker
R.D. Whitaker Yıl önce
Anjelica Huston was so terrifying in that movie!
Melissa Weilbaecher
Melissa Weilbaecher Yıl önce
This movie is a freaking classic. Watched it with my Grandmother religiously. My 10 year old just watched the original with me and loved it as well. Can not wait for this one👏
Gina Marie
Gina Marie Yıl önce
So good one of my childhood favorites can’t wait to see it remastered
Leea Pascoe
Leea Pascoe Yıl önce
I loved the first one and I know imma love this one even more
Chic Chi
Chic Chi Yıl önce
Anne Hathaway and Octavia Spencer!!!! Yes, yes and yes I'm watching ☺️
loverofsunflowers Yıl önce
Oh my gosh. I loved this movie as a kid. I cant believe they remade it.
Dandra Simon
Dandra Simon Yıl önce
I loved this movie growing up I’m too excited for this remake 😊😊
jaslyn windham
jaslyn windham Yıl önce
No way I’ve been waiting for them to make a new version of this movie and I’m not disappointed
Samvaarv Shrestha
Samvaarv Shrestha Yıl önce
Really excited for this.. watch the original when I was a kid.. and after that read the book.. its always quite intriguing to watch the remake
Kaitlin Ski
Kaitlin Ski Yıl önce
The movie industry is running out of movie ideas. Everything is a remake now days
LooneyCartoonMan2003 9 aylar önce
This is an adaptation of the novel the 1990 film was based on, not a remake of The Witches 1990.
Meg Krish
Meg Krish Yıl önce
@Fatesteppedin Guy not shows, there have been tons of new and original shows especially this past decade. TV Industry is booming but movies are on the decline
JJ Yıl önce
Actually not really. This is not a remake since it's based on a book. Plus this movie actually stays loyal to the original story.
K L Yıl önce
Dragnoth Lecoona Me too, I have several ideas and screenplays but its an incestuous industry.
attackitsweakpoint Yıl önce
There's room for both films. Let your kids watch this one, it looks fun, then let them watch the original and laugh at them as they shit themselves in fear of the grand High witch. Everybody wins.
Shahaneh Limonadi
Shahaneh Limonadi Yıl önce
@steph well fairies are mythical creatures, so they should look mythical. I think its better if they switched it around, and have Blonde eyes and Blue hair. That way she can really look like a fairy.
steph Yıl önce
@Shahaneh Limonadi I've never heard of an all black person with naturally blonde hair and blue eyes. That's certainly not common. Scarlett Johansson received so much back lash for ghost in the Shell, death note and doctor strange all got heat for casting white characters, the West side story film, I could go on. It's not OK then, why should it be ok now? That's hypocritical.
Gian Marco Russo
Gian Marco Russo Yıl önce
@Shahaneh Limonadi so you are telling us Alexandre Dumas was black? Good to know.
Tania Bams
Tania Bams Yıl önce
Yeah, this reboot looks tame in comparison to the original.
Zwei Yıl önce
dude the mouse change scene was the most fuck up
Studio execs: oh hey, let’s remake this film that was notable for its wonderful practical effects and puppetry and replace it all with crappy looking CG we’re so smart
꧁FlyAչnǤบy꧂ Yıl önce
@Michael the Gacha Creator it was terrible everyone here had the right to complain the original is miles ahead of this one.
@minnie babi Kay fine whatever who even cares
Do you think I’m saying that I could do better?
minnie babi
minnie babi Yıl önce
@PSSD-FF-DTH-GRPS-FN go make the damn movie since yall wanna complain
Sada Lauderdale
Sada Lauderdale Yıl önce
I loved this movie as a child ... Can’t wait I’m sooo happy
lulu Yıl önce
Perfeita não erra nunca que atriz
Brianna Nechelle
Brianna Nechelle Yıl önce
This looks beautiful!!! I’m so excited!!!!
Dr. 100 PurrScent
Dr. 100 PurrScent Yıl önce
I'm excited to see this remake. The Witches movie I grew up with is still one of my favorites 😍 My kiddos have already been properly shown the original, and they love it as a classic too. Angelica Houston was beautiful and horrifying as The High Witch, especially when she snatched that wig off 😱😂 This new cast seems like the right fit for a great remake. Looking forward to seeing it. Sounds like a good night to schedule a Double Feature 😄📼
kmaiava55 Yıl önce
Love Anne Hathaway ❤️❤️ I think she did 🤩 amazing. I still enjoy both movies
Michael Conticchio
Michael Conticchio Yıl önce
Harrison Ford couldn't plays John Thornton
Ellis Yıl önce
Great. Now I gotta get HBO Max. For Chris Rock narrating, and Octavia Spencer, Annie Hathaway and Stanley Tucci, it’s gotta be worth it!
Vixen the demon fox Vixen
Vixen the demon fox Vixen Yıl önce
Ima say this again with almost every original show or movie that had been remade in the past. Nothing can beat the original. Case in point: This
The REQUIEM Yıl önce
Loved the original and I will give this a chance because I adore Anne Hathaway as this role seems so perfect for her. I also like Stanley Tucci because he not a disappointing actor, in saying that it's based off the book; this should be interesting and entertaining with a modern twist but to stay with the book.
Kayla B
Kayla B Yıl önce
This was one of my favorite movies growing up!!! This sparked my love of scary movies. This movie terrified me as a child! I watched it with my daughter a couple of months back. Isn’t it so funny how we thought these movies were scary?! (Those witches DID still look creepy though).
Looks like a great little movie for children and families! I love Ann Hathaway as a witch
Max Mal
Max Mal Yıl önce
I love the original movie. This new one doesn’t even compare to it
Christine Askins
Christine Askins Yıl önce
All remake movie or song never sound better than the original they make remake for the new generation that never saw the movie before like mulan I didn’t like the remake but I gotta understand it’s not for me to like it for the younger generation.
Alayshia Rik
Alayshia Rik Yıl önce
I’m hoping this is as good as the original😭 I JUST watched the original one this year and it’s so good!
rosegoldbb Yıl önce
Helll yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m in love with the original This is perfect 👌💛
Michael Conticchio
Michael Conticchio Yıl önce
Do have Animation Addams Family (2019)? Nope we have Addams Family (2019) at home
a h
a h Yıl önce
Yall hating but you have to admit, Anna Hathaway was perfect for this role
Clay Harmon
Clay Harmon Yıl önce
If I had to watch one movie it would be this this movie is great 👍💯
carmen shie
carmen shie Yıl önce
I'm confused but the movie is actually great
KC LiT3 Yıl önce
Some movies are just fine the way they are. This is a good example of if it ain't broke dont fix it. Smh
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