Doom Patrol Season 3 | Official Trailer | HBO Max

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Do you have what it takes to join a super-powered gang of outcasts? Starring Matt Bomer as Negative Man, Joivan Wade as Cyborg, Brendan Fraser as Robotman, Abigail Shapiro as Dorothy, and the legendary Timothy Dalton as The Chief, Season 3 of Doom Patrol is primed to explode.
Stream Season 3 of Doom Patrol on September 23 on HBO Max:
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Doom Patrol Season 3 | Official Trailer | HBO Max

HBO Max 8 aylar önce
Which character are you most excited to see in season 3?
S 2 aylar önce
Every episode is about Jane. It's unwatchable now. Thanks for ruining a good series. I can no longer recommend Doom Patrol. Sorry I meant I can no longer recommend "The adventures of Jane" to anyone . You turned this to trash . Well done.
13lude 5 aylar önce
Spider man
ironfae 5 aylar önce
ANY other character that might remind us this is the DC universe.
Кристина Манякина
Кристина Манякина 6 aylar önce
Robotman is my favourite 😍😍😍
History & Mythology Explained
History & Mythology Explained 7 aylar önce
Your mom
Nada Dwella
Nada Dwella 8 aylar önce
The chaotic energy they radiate this season is stronger than the previous two and I AM HERE FOR IT 😭😭✨
Ed 865
Ed 865 8 aylar önce
@Colleen Nikstenas ...😆...
Colleen Nikstenas
Colleen Nikstenas 8 aylar önce
Colleen Nikstenas
Colleen Nikstenas 8 aylar önce
Brendan Fraser AND Michelle Gomez?! HELLO!
Ed 865
Ed 865 8 aylar önce
@Nada Dwella ....🥱....
Ed 865
Ed 865 8 aylar önce
....cowards gonna coward....
BIBBO 8 aylar önce
This show is the definition of “criminally underrated” Edit: Greys gets nearly 20 million views per ep and that show sucks butt, so yes, I would call this underrated
Nihil 2 aylar önce
@FlowerPower123 u have space lumps in ur pfp, don’t talk
FlowerPower123 3 aylar önce
I blame the gay and black characters for affecting the quality of the show. It seems gay rights is a constant theme in every season and the BLM focus was a bit too much in season 2 and 3.
DCmastermind First
DCmastermind First 6 aylar önce
Or the kardashians.
Isaiah H
Isaiah H 7 aylar önce
@PokespartyTV lmao chill bro
A Knight of Cybertron
A Knight of Cybertron 7 aylar önce
@PokespartyTV that is true. I only was trying to defend the show because someone says it has so much filler. It really doesn’t. Even if it has episodes that stray from the main plot, it still ties it into the characters journey’s. So agreed
Ashu Punjabi
Ashu Punjabi 8 aylar önce
I’m with Cliff when he says, “I’m so high.”
Nick Martin
Nick Martin 7 aylar önce
Actually I think he says "I am so fine," in response to what he's seeing/experiencing, but I could be wrong 😂 Edit: I just checked the subtitles and I was wrong, sorry about that
Nature Squad
Nature Squad 8 aylar önce
thats definitely the bike of albert hoffman
Max Pops
Max Pops 8 aylar önce
He represents the what the audience is thinking when watching this show
Chaos Goddess
Chaos Goddess 8 aylar önce
@Varun Srinidhi the chief (Niles) modified his brain activity in he can have a sense of ecstasy.
Varun Srinidhi
Varun Srinidhi 8 aylar önce
I thought robots don't get high.
S B 8 aylar önce
i am so happy to see brendan fraser back on the screen, hes such a talented actor. hope hes having a good time! cheers
Alpha Nerd
Alpha Nerd 4 aylar önce
@Fred Freeman He gained weight because of injuries he sustained shooting those stupid Mummy movies.
Fraser, The Big Fat Fraud
Fraser, The Big Fat Fraud 8 aylar önce
@Joseph Teller Looper? 🤦🏻‍♂️ Yes, very credible "journalists" working on that channel.
Fraser, The Big Fat Fraud
Fraser, The Big Fat Fraud 8 aylar önce
@H.D. He shot that in April/May. You have to question the mental capacity of anyone who would do that for a role. Fraser will do just about anything for money, but this just fell into his lap. Guy leaves his family for another guy, guy dies, he becomes obese, gets attention, "happy ending". He didn't have to act at all.
Fraser, The Big Fat Fraud
Fraser, The Big Fat Fraud 8 aylar önce
@yvonne martinas Does he? According to a survey of insurance companies, back injuries are the easiest to fake and the hardest to prove. How did it happen this week, Hurricane Sandy, stunt injuries, or did he fall out of the UFO that was abducting him?
Taterz 8 aylar önce
i'm glad brendan is doing better these days. that guy deserves a break.
Marissa Anthony
Marissa Anthony 7 aylar önce
@Dylan Sunkel me too! I heard about it when he was on the Fake Doctors Real Friends podcast
TxSonofLiberty 8 aylar önce
@Dylan Sunkel The only reason I can see for making Doom Patrol seperate is because they didn't want to explain how Gar was supposed to be raised by Mento and Rita, how Gar is like Rita's adopted son because his biological mother was her best friend, and Gar's origin, the change in Niles Caulder actors (Bruno Bichar vs Timothy Dalton) and attitudes, why Gar is out and Vic is in, why Gar & Vic don't know each other, why Vic isn't on Titans...
Dylan Sunkel
Dylan Sunkel 8 aylar önce
@TxSonofLiberty Yeah I also was really disappointed by that fact. Why introduce the Doom Patrol first in an episode of Titans and then backpeddle to say they're on different Earths? I think if DC Universe had gotten to stay strong we would have seen those two shows continue to cross over and do their own thing.
TxSonofLiberty 8 aylar önce
@Dylan Sunkel what? No Matt Bomer love? Jk, The Brendan Fraiser was like 75% of why I started watching, though April Bowlby is totally 75% of why I stayed. The cast is amazing, though I want to see Gar visit... somehow I feel the fact Titans and Doom Patrol are on seperate Earths and further that Stargirl and the Arrowverse are on another two seperate, weakens all of them. Crisis was supposed to bring them together... I wanna see Dick and Roy face off, I wanna see Grodd vs Mallah, I want to see Kipling and Constantine have to team up to take on Trigon and Etrigan or something...
Dylan Sunkel
Dylan Sunkel 8 aylar önce
He was the reason I watched this show. Happy for him as well.
Michael Booker
Michael Booker 8 aylar önce
It's hard to believe that a show this amazing actually exists.
har 4 aylar önce
As if it couldn't get even more weirder. Looking forward to season 4!
DCmastermind First
DCmastermind First 6 aylar önce
Well it does. So get used to it.
Hothwasaninsidejob 8 aylar önce
@HBO Max restorethesnyderverse
asiankid 8 aylar önce
@HBO Max restorethesnyderverse
Girthygooslinger 8 aylar önce
@Freaky yea I don’t think he fully understands the material. He’s good for a producer role though
good morning!
good morning! 8 aylar önce
This is one of those rare shows where I am in LOVE with every single main character and care for them all equally as much
Alpha Nerd
Alpha Nerd 4 aylar önce
Eh, Larry dying wouldn't hurt the show.
Val Patrol
Val Patrol 8 aylar önce
Same all of them just spreads gives so much sympathy. I love them all EQUALLY.
Josh R
Josh R 8 aylar önce
This show deserves so much more attention than it gets. It’s literally one of the best comic book shows ever made.
Abdulrahman Shafi
Abdulrahman Shafi 8 aylar önce
It is truly one of DC's Masterpieces
Knightfall182 14 gün önce
@ElijahWantsYourFlesh Box Office is one of the most important aspect in determining 'quality' for expensive films like this. The reason is 'holds' week to week, that shows whether audiences actually like the film and continue to watch, or whether they reject it and consider it poor quality
ElijahWantsYourFlesh 14 gün önce
@Knightfall182 im talking abt the quality not the box office lmao idgaf bout that lmfao
Knightfall182 15 gün önce
@ElijahWantsYourFlesh The Suicide Squad flopped tho, and Snyder Cut didn't meet streaming expectations, it did mediocre numbers on Max, didn't justify it's costs. Shazam barely broke even. The others are strong successes, but DC has just as many high profile Failures, if not more.
ElijahWantsYourFlesh 15 gün önce
@Knightfall182 the bar is very high when competing with zsjl, the suicide squad, the batman, the dark knight, peacemaker, shazam, wonderwoman, ect not to mention animation
Knightfall182 4 aylar önce
@SYED SHAZEB LOL if you like Titans, you definitely have poor taste 😄 and Doom Patrol S3 was a mess.
Alex Cole
Alex Cole 8 aylar önce
I’ve watched every episode of this show tripping balls so far and I can’t wait to finally watch more.
Sophie 8 aylar önce
Hope it was all in relatively the same sitting! Cheers!
yulian loaiza
yulian loaiza 8 aylar önce
@Alex Cole it was about weed, I was mistaken hahaha. But I'll do LSD sometime in the future
Alex Cole
Alex Cole 8 aylar önce
@Big Jawline I think he’s talking bout strain of shroom but I’m not sure
Okami Sensei
Okami Sensei 8 aylar önce
@Big Jawline you should try out some dutch weed
Comical Realm Animations
Comical Realm Animations 8 aylar önce
Finally the show where the robot swears is back for a season 3
Donald Jackson
Donald Jackson 8 aylar önce
@TheNightdiver Bender Rodriguez Now there was a character who did it all smoking cigars with no lungs or no feelings and his best catchphrase Bite My Shiny Metal Ass He was a laugh Do you know what I mean Meat Bags?
Donald Jackson
Donald Jackson 8 aylar önce
@K Yeah in Season 2 Episode 9 I mean what the fuck
K 8 aylar önce
didn’t that swearing robot got shattered in several pieces last season?
TheNightdiver 8 aylar önce
yay, I really missed Futurama
Hails The Gamer
Hails The Gamer 8 aylar önce
IM SO EXCITED FOR MORE JANE STORY- she’s my favorite character in the whole thing- this trailer is making me want to SCREAM as im in history class
NehiJG 88
NehiJG 88 8 aylar önce
@A Knight of Cybertron the shade😂
DD 8 aylar önce
Nice dp
A Knight of Cybertron
A Knight of Cybertron 8 aylar önce
Same. Her and Cliff’s friendship is honestly so much more difficult, heartwarming, and real then the entirety of Barry and Iris’ relationship on the Flash 😂💀
Dark God Darkseid
Dark God Darkseid 8 aylar önce
That’s why I love this show. Can’t wait!
maggi1994 8 aylar önce
This show has already done those things that Marvel's show are doing now and are being appreciated for.
WildestNothing 4 aylar önce
Legion and Preacher came first, but Doom Patrol and Titans are killing it now
Spencer Williams
Spencer Williams 4 aylar önce
@Alpha Nerd I don’t think you know the difference between character study and character progression. Marvel is good at character progression but not at character study. Doom patrol is an example of character study and Loki is an example of character progression.
Alpha Nerd
Alpha Nerd 4 aylar önce
@Spencer Williams The Marvel shows are much better at character study. You just missed that because character study isn't all they do.
BD Boricua
BD Boricua 8 aylar önce
@VulLord666 thats was a real long winded way of saying you don’t care
Spencer Williams
Spencer Williams 8 aylar önce
As a marvel fan this is true none of the marvel shows are as good with character study as this show is doom patrol is the epitome of character study
catlovesbb 8 aylar önce
I've missed this show like crazy. It has a way of getting in your brain and never leaving. Here's to another kick ass season.
Val Patrol
Val Patrol 8 aylar önce
Exactly, I haven't stopped thinking about wanting more content. I guess I haven't emphasized like this with characters since game of thrones.they are so relatable in the way they overcome their traumas.
Margot Knight
Margot Knight 8 aylar önce
Seeing The Master again with time travel shenanigans, I'm sO HERE FOR IT.
Кристина Манякина
Кристина Манякина 6 aylar önce
Same here 😁
Stumbling 8 aylar önce
@VulLord666 I'm really hoping season 14 will feel more like the Moffat era. Chibnall will be leaving and he's been the main factor as to why Doctor Who has felt off. I feel so bad for Jodie because she tried so hard with the shit she got. I'd say Spyfall Part 1 and 2 were the only good episodes of her run with the Tardis.
VulLord666 8 aylar önce
I cannot express how excited I was when I realized it was Michelle Gomez and they even gave her a TARDIS and let her basically play Missy if she survived past The Doctor Falls and hot to complete her character arc. Y E S. I am more excited for this than Doctor who has made me feel since series 10 ended (see, it's not because there's a female Doctor; it's because the writing is so bad and on top of that boring and none of the characters feel like they have any personality (except the Sacha Master whose motivations and place in the story make no sense (same goes for the Jo Martin Doctor too actually))).
MarvelKing 9000 Productions
MarvelKing 9000 Productions 8 aylar önce
Don’t dead name her
Pickle Mike
Pickle Mike 8 aylar önce
So excited for Missy in another wacky show
Acid 8 aylar önce
i binged this shit so hard last month i’ve missed this show.
Zachary 7 aylar önce
I binged it at the right time. I didn’t even know bout season 3 when I started but as I finished season 2 season 3 was released the next Thursday 😂
Kyle Mccann
Kyle Mccann 8 aylar önce
Joshua Muhammad
Joshua Muhammad 8 aylar önce
Literally JUST finished my binge! 🔥
Acid 8 aylar önce
@Dakoda black i’m sure they will
Dakoda black
Dakoda black 8 aylar önce
I hope they finish s2 plot
The Hub
The Hub 8 aylar önce
Seems like so many love this show including me. We need to hype this show up I hate that the media does not give this show the attention it deserves.
Jason King 1381From BKNY
Jason King 1381From BKNY 8 aylar önce
A show that deserves more recognition in my opinion 👏 Looking forward to the 23rd 👍
HÄXANÄX 8 aylar önce
Love this series. Really captures the comics. It truly does not get enough love & I try to sing its praises to anyone it might interest. Please give it at least 4 seasons.
Toganium 8 aylar önce
Cliff: “there’s no such thing as time travel!” He…literally experienced time travel in the last season.
Val Patrol
Val Patrol 8 aylar önce
Excuse him, his brain is not working
Dooplon 8 aylar önce
@dessin denfer True, but to be fair they entered the same way that cliff and the others did. Either way, Tyler _is_ a confirmed time-traveler himself, iirc.
dessin denfer
dessin denfer 8 aylar önce
@A Mothgirl with internet access Dr Tyme was partying with People from all over the timeline
Derek Mulling
Derek Mulling 8 aylar önce
@A Mothgirl with internet access that may be but the guy in said other dimension was CLEARLY time traveling tho.
A Mothgirl with internet access
A Mothgirl with internet access 8 aylar önce
@MOISES INFANTES yeah, just because they fought a guy who can change time doesn't mean they time traveled. I fairly certain Cheif said it was another dimension they were going to.
frocker151 5 aylar önce
Proper gem of a season, incredible writing. Seriously cannot praise this enough.
BryceKEK 8 aylar önce
Mento in S1 claimed The Brain escaped and it looks like they're paying that off. Can't wait
Nemo Nemo
Nemo Nemo 7 aylar önce
It was a fake memory
Juliiju04 8 aylar önce
Oh My god
har 4 aylar önce
The best DC tv show currently.
djarinvanth 8 aylar önce
I’M SO EXCITED FOR BANDAGELESS LARRY INTERACTING WITH THE DOOM PATROL his space scene looks so pretty he’s my fav character in DC
Anyssa Anderson
Anyssa Anderson 8 aylar önce
This show is like an acid trip (which I've never experienced but if I did I'd hope it's like this show) and I'm here for it
dumpsterdawg 8 aylar önce
Cliff: "There's no such thing as time travel" He's right Oh and by the way, next week has been exhausting.
OhRightOk 8 aylar önce
@A Mothgirl with internet access well thanks for that x
A Mothgirl with internet access
A Mothgirl with internet access 8 aylar önce
@OhRightOk like, Dr. Tyme did a time loop, but the cheif said it was another dimension so I'm taking his word for it. As for the time travel but, Dr. Tyme did the timey wimey shit, the gang just went to that dimension of whatever the fuck
OhRightOk 8 aylar önce
@A Mothgirl with internet access i thought he just created a loop within a space of time? Either way, didnt he time travel to do that?
A Mothgirl with internet access
A Mothgirl with internet access 8 aylar önce
@OhRightOk common misconception, they didn't go back in time, they went to another dimension. Dr. Tyme make a dimension dedicated to a roller rink from the 80s
OhRightOk 8 aylar önce
That bit baffled me - they literally murdered that Tyme fella... and rita reversed time to save him. ... or Jane did... cant remember Either way; they went back in time to find tyme and then reversed time to save tyme... and then returned to their original time.
Dan Warner
Dan Warner 8 aylar önce
I'm so glad michelle Gomez is playing a role in doom patrol. She was excellent in doctor who as missy cant wait to see her character and her role in s3
Кристина Манякина
Кристина Манякина 6 aylar önce
@Data Null Void yeah, totally agree!
bon appétit LADY
bon appétit LADY 8 aylar önce
@Data Null Void I can see that!!
bon appétit LADY
bon appétit LADY 8 aylar önce
I loved her on that Netflix Sabrina show so I am happy to see her in this season of DP.
Abdul Ahad
Abdul Ahad 8 aylar önce
The show is one of the few best thing DC has ever done. They should make more stuff like this!!!
Emmy Sea
Emmy Sea 8 aylar önce
Anakin C.
Anakin C. 8 aylar önce
One of the most comic book accurate adaptations into a show. I love this.
umanoid 8 aylar önce
Ive always loved Doom Patrol since i was a kid (Them and Metal Men) and love what They’ve done with this series. Some of the BEST things to have ever come from DC are the series HBO stole from DC’s streaming service. Titans. Harley Quinn. Doom Patrol. Swamp Thing. HBO needs to do more to promote the series to let people know they exist. The world needs more weird and quirky sooperhero teams.
Jr 7 aylar önce
Awesome show!!! Brendan Fraser, Diane Guerrero, April Bowlby, Jovian Wade, and Matt Bomer are amazing actors. I couldn't imagine this show without all of them. Abigail Shapiro is the one character NOT NEEDED. Show got better without her.
Manixxo 8 aylar önce
Lol I love this show!!! Can’t wait for season 3
Disney Rules
Disney Rules 8 aylar önce
Comical Realm Animations
Comical Realm Animations 8 aylar önce
They're finally introducing the Brotherhood Of Evil in season 3!
Eduard Rotty
Eduard Rotty 8 aylar önce
next season they should introduce manga khan, milk man and milk wars event
Nature Squad
Nature Squad 8 aylar önce
Or rather finally introducing the Sisterhood of Dada!
Juliiju04 8 aylar önce
@Mauricio Merida i think inmortus is a drug now. Sad
Dominique Powell
Dominique Powell 8 aylar önce
Mauricio Merida
Mauricio Merida 8 aylar önce
Still waiting for General Immortus
RakKD 8 aylar önce
I'm thrilled and counting down the days!🔥 #DoomPatrol #HBOMax #DC #DCComics #DCUniverse
Rolands 8 aylar önce
I love everything about this show, every character just perfect, style amazing and great messages/lessons
Ryan Kang
Ryan Kang 8 aylar önce
Finally, the Brotherhood of Evil battles the Doom Patrol just like the Silver Age of Comics!
88Debbie 8 aylar önce
Doom Patrol is a fantastic show, cannot wait for season 3!!!
JohnyPanta 8 aylar önce
I like how this show straight out denies to take itself seriously...until it does. ❤️❤️❤️
成克非 8 aylar önce
idc how much recognition this show gets, it's not enough
Rania Abbasi
Rania Abbasi 8 aylar önce
I CAN’T WAIT!! I’m especially excited to see Jane’s arc and what happens with “Miranda”
Delly Tancyl
Delly Tancyl 8 aylar önce
I'm so here for this. I loved the 1st season. everything about it took me by surprise. I've come to realize that I would absolutely be a Dannizen.
The Comic Reader N
The Comic Reader N 8 aylar önce
Why aren't there fan clubs for this show? Severely underrated
Кристина Манякина
Кристина Манякина 6 aylar önce
@whathe I "came" to this show after I finished my Marvel marathon 😁 and guess what? I'm fallen in love 😍 the show is amazing, better than most of the Marvel i saw ( however, I don't think their comparison is a right thing) I'm so happy I decided to watch it! * Sorry for my English
Aratni swl
Aratni swl 8 aylar önce
"People like us we've gotta stick together Keep your head up, nothing lasts forever Here's to the damned, to the lost and forgotten It's hard to get high when you're living on the bottom"
whathe 8 aylar önce
No idea, I'm guessing its cause alot of people are still stuck with the Marvel universe and don't want to bother watching anything unless its marvel related. Who knows? It could also be the marketing of this show isnt as strong as it should be? Maybe they should release the 1st season of doom patrol on CW channel and see how the viewers react.
Duncan The Tall
Duncan The Tall 8 aylar önce
Michelle Gomez is great. Loved her as Missy in Doctor Who. My level of excitement just shot through the roof
pue 8 aylar önce
A.R K 8 aylar önce
Nope. I dont think so
Naww 8 aylar önce
@Priyanshu Ranjan DD & DP r equals tbh the rest r great but they are just better IMO
Priyanshu Ranjan
Priyanshu Ranjan 8 aylar önce
Doom patrol is great, probably best DC's live action show but overall shows like Daredevil, the boys, Legion, umbrella academy, etc exists which are even better. Idk why people think flash and titans like shows are better than doom patrol. Even the Shows like swamp thing are way better than those shows.
Knightfall182 8 aylar önce
@Devocrank seven Did you see the strong critical, audience and fan reception to DD S3
Naww 8 aylar önce
@Knightfall182 as in Comics book wise I meant Fictional the way DP does very wierd shit u only see in Comics and plays it off DD is more realistic but they both amazing shows 👌🏼
12th star •
12th star • 8 aylar önce
El trailer promete, ya quiero ver esta nueva temporada 😭💗
Zachary 7 aylar önce
For once they aren’t really following after other movie companies. They are embarrassing the weird and funny and it shows with such a unique show!
eddie dutra
eddie dutra 8 aylar önce
I barely started the first season and I am really impressed on how much I admire this show.
Michael Roque
Michael Roque 8 aylar önce
Cliff " There's now such thing as time travel." Me " Really Cliff didn't you try to steel the helmet off a guy named DR. Tyme, who's whole gimmick is traveling through time kidnapping famous people."
Dave 8 aylar önce
I so love this show. Best show ever!
King Shark
King Shark 8 aylar önce
-Positive Man -Albert Hoffman's Bicycle -Garguax and what looks like a plastic man -Evil AND Dada -Danny the Ambulance (in the earlier teaser) can't wait
King Shark
King Shark 8 aylar önce
@romxxii of course. first gay couple in comics, i think...(?)
romxxii 8 aylar önce
Don't forget Mallah and the Brain.
BananaKarma 8 aylar önce
Dude who is the red one
Dampy Productions
Dampy Productions 8 aylar önce
THIS SHOW IS FUCKING AMAZING. I can’t wait for more. This is the best thing dc has ever done. I’m not exaggerating it just is.
Dampy Productions
Dampy Productions 6 aylar önce
@DCmastermind First in my opinion way better. It’s very different from that
DCmastermind First
DCmastermind First 6 aylar önce
Better than Joker?
Val Patrol
Val Patrol 8 aylar önce
The best show on earth coming back? I know that's right!
dardle 8 aylar önce
I love this amazing show! Best show's DC ever) Can't wait))
marija marcelić
marija marcelić 8 aylar önce
Yo, what about Batman the animated series
Zero 8 aylar önce
I need to see more of what happen about babydoll, dorothy and the candlemaker. Im still mad about that😭
Richard Fox Piven Cloward
Richard Fox Piven Cloward 8 aylar önce
Love this so much! I'm so glad DC finally has a story arch that doesn't include Batman. I'm so ready for Michelle Gomez as Madame Rouge!!!!
Shanethefilmmaker 8 aylar önce
They had me at Missy. I cannot wait to see how many f-bombs she has to use to keep up with Peter Capaldi.
humorpalanta 8 aylar önce
She is such an amazing actor. Brilliant! Also notice she is near a Cyborg! :P
Joe Magliocchi
Joe Magliocchi 8 aylar önce
Who the hell down voted this??? This looks like the best season yet!
Golden Boy
Golden Boy 8 aylar önce
I really liked Dorothy's character, hopefully she becomes a consistent character but I doubt it
Aizad Iqbal
Aizad Iqbal 8 aylar önce
@Varun R Vel her name and actress name is mentioned in descp. however April as Rita isn't mentioned... I hope they complete the story or continue in future..
Varun R Vel
Varun R Vel 8 aylar önce
I think she left
MOISES INFANTES 8 aylar önce
Me to. She has cool powers and had a big character development at the end.
Mr R Keegan
Mr R Keegan 8 aylar önce
The Brotherhood of Evil, The Sisterhood of Dada, time travel, and was that the Bicycle of Albert Hofmann at 2:16? WTF😂😂 This season is going to be crazy and a blast to watch, I can tell😁
Dylan Shadowstar
Dylan Shadowstar 8 aylar önce
With Michelle Gomez and time travel. We better get at least one doctor who reference
DasKame 7 aylar önce
We will never MISS(y) it
VulLord666 8 aylar önce
@The Space Bar She probably wouldn't. Really that's a major thing I hated about The Master in series 12 (literally none of his character made sense). The Master isn't trying to burn the universe. He wants to rule it and just doesn't care what bridges he burns to get there. There was a time in the classic series when he nearly ended the universe and worked with the Doctor to fix his mistake because he can't rule a universe that doesn't exist. There was a time when he tried to destroy Gallifrey, but that was because he thought he needed to to extend his own life (which he is known to put above all else). Still in series 3 when see that after he learns Gallifrey was burnt (because he searched for it when he had the Doctor's TARDIS), he showed remorse and revealed that even being the maniac he is, he holds the same sentiment we all do towards our home and childhood. In series 10 The Mistress (Missy)/The Master went through a whole character arc where it finally felt like the Master was growing and developing after being cured of the drumming and she felt remorse over her past ruthless killings. Then in series 12 it's just "let's forget literally everything and randomly bring the Master back as just a one dimensionial super evil not nice guy with no reason for either". And the Master "maybe" has good cause to hate the time lords (reviving him just to fight their war, literally ruining his entire life as a last ditch attempt for to cheat death, using him and not even offering him a place when they "ascended"), but what reason do we get? Apparently he's made because the Doctor was always... special. That's his actual reason to genocide his own people after living through the horrors of the time war and thinking they had all died. Not because they did anything to him, but because the Doctor was always special and acted like it... ngl, I wss planet destroying pissed at that massive retcon that makes no sense myself. Tl;Dr: if you're referencing the Master in series 12, no, just don't. That Master is out of character for the Master. He should have been a new villian with better motivations and some actual depth (because the acting is acting really; too bad the writing isn't).
humorpalanta 8 aylar önce
The Master and Cyborg and a robot together. This is not gonna end well... :D :D :D
The Space Bar
The Space Bar 8 aylar önce
The Mistress: There’s a race of aliens called the time lords. I want you to kill them.
Christopher Pittman
Christopher Pittman 8 aylar önce
Hey Missy! 😆
Alisson Felippe
Alisson Felippe 6 aylar önce
Essa série é boa pra caralhooo,ser a que vai ter a 4° temporada???
Plutons Productions
Plutons Productions 8 aylar önce
Can't wait!!!! The best DC show right now!
Beezy 8 aylar önce
Well, my hype continues to be high for this show. Well played Doom Patrol.
Tisha jenkins
Tisha jenkins 8 aylar önce
Just finished watched S2 Ep9 and I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for season 3 to hurry up and come. My new favorite store!
John Shadoe
John Shadoe 8 aylar önce
Oh. Time travel. That's why the sisterhood of Dada is on Season 3. This season will be a mind blaster. ❤
PeopleWhoDied 8 aylar önce
The Weirder and more experimental this show gets, the better it gets
Kumar Ashish
Kumar Ashish 8 aylar önce
Yes, my favourite DC series is back
Chris McL
Chris McL 8 aylar önce
This looks even more chaotic and insane than I had anticipated, and I CAN’T WAIT
Big Jatt
Big Jatt 7 aylar önce
Love how much personality this show has.
har 3 aylar önce
Big Nate
Big Nate 8 aylar önce
I fucking love how wild and weird this show is 🔥
A Knight of Cybertron
A Knight of Cybertron 8 aylar önce
One of the greatest strengths the show has is the ability to have all this crazy, whacky, and bats*it insane stuff happen. While still feeling very human and grounded with the characters journeys
Collins_93 8 aylar önce
at first i didnt like this show but after watching a few episodes i was hooked! best show DC has put out in a while!
Jay Tender
Jay Tender 8 aylar önce
Oh yes, the absolute best DC Show is back and I love it 😍 BRING ON THE MADNESS!!!
ŮĐ 8 aylar önce
God I LOVE how weird this show keeps getting..from pocket dimension farting donkeys.. to sex rat gang wars...I love all of it🤩😍
Icehamjello 8 aylar önce
Love this show ❤
Hails The Gamer
Hails The Gamer 8 aylar önce
I have a couple predictions (Jane is my favorite character so I will probs focus on her a shot ton). We know the Miranda in the underground is evil, and in the scene where we seen Jane as Miranda with black around her eyes and a noose it could mean Miranda is trying to kill Jane, as she is the primary from the first 2 seasons.
Harsh Singh
Harsh Singh 6 aylar önce
Just finished the season. It was a wonderful ride. Waiting for the next one. I want more of Doom Force.
Megalon73 8 aylar önce
This is gonna be a Fun Season for sure. DOOM PATROL. Rules.
Slam! 8 aylar önce
Hope we see more of Flex Mentallo.
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